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Madison Oct 2018
Sometimes, it looks like lenience.

Small passes for big faux pas.

Many believe that it's absolution

Locking themselves in boxes periodically

To cry out, bleeding painful catharsis.

Some sneak it in with charity

Use compassion as a puppet in their mercy show

Throw underhanded in the name of grace.

Some offer it when they're bruised and broken

Spit out blood, then turn the other cheek.

Others give it away with full bellies and warm hands

Either out of purity

Or some nefarious need, pushed down deep.

And I wonder and wander all the while

For I am the fool

Who begs to receive

But can not give.
A prompt from my 'Write This Poem' book. Any guesses what 'it' is?
Doll Spaghetti Aug 2018
A shot of whiskey and some wine

A life in beautiful decline

I try to run, I try to hide

Intoxicated all the time

I'll build a bridge to watch it burn

Pour the ashes in the urn

And turn away just to start again
MicMag Aug 2018
Blessed is she who surrenders last coin
Giving from lack rather than plenty

Blessed is he who takes inspiration
Single gift multiplied into many

Blessed are those who pass these along
Money dispersed round the earth

Blessed are those who give correct change
Insist you just pay what it's worth

So now blessed am I as I walk along
Her last coin nestled in hand

And when she looks at me with pleading eyes
I withhold, cause here begging is banned
Poem inspired by:
- the biblical story of the widow's offering (Luke 21)
- seeing a friend's generous spirit
- my cold calloused heart
Louisa Coller Mar 2018
From a poet to another, here is my proposal.
Both a poem, yet offering, and I'm not joking!
Imagine your words written on screen,
well let me tell you my friends, it's not a dream.

I am offering you a 'Little Letter', to share your talent far and wide,
for today I'm starting a brand new project for all of mankind.
We write a poem for someone we knew, or something we hold dear.

Then montage flashes, an actor still, saying your words with passion.
For I ask you, hand in hand,
would you like to be a part of this?


If you have read this far, congratulations!
I just wanted to say, as someone who loves poetry and starting to get into the love of filmmaking. I want to combine our two interests. I am creating a visual, slam poetry montage short film series called 'Little Letters', this series is about poems dear to you, about someone you knew or know and of course topics or objects you treasure dearly.

If you want to take part, feel free to email me at:

If not email, feel free to send me a facebook inbox:

I can't wait to start working with you amazingly talented people.
I am accepting poets to come and help write the series (you will be credited), as well as any potential actors (West Midlands location).
From my hair
           i offer strength

From my eyes
            i offer no judgment

From my ears
            i offer understanding

From my lips
            i offer truth

From my *****
            i offer rest

From my hips
            i offer passion

From my hands
            i offer guidance

For my nose
            i give you pride

From my shoulders
            i offer the world

For my arms
            i offer a shield

From my heart
            i offer my home
Copyright © 2010 Tsholo Khumalo
R Miller Jun 2017
I stretch myself out
on the alter of our bed
Offering my body up
to the pleasure of “oh god”
as need possesses me
I hum out a raspy hymn
of moans for more
As you kneel before my open legs
in hungry worship
My eyes close and a prayer
begging you not to stop whispers
from my lips
My ****** exorcised by your holy tongue
releases from me in an exquisite flood
And I swear the blinding light
that sparks behind my eyelids
must be heaven
Em MacKenzie May 2017
Come lay your hands upon me,
dig your fingers to rip my skin apart.
Trace your lips softly and gently,
before biting down on my beating heart.
Mysidian Bard Mar 2017
I'll give you my pen
if you draw the parallels
here between our lives.
ShowYouLove Feb 2017
May our prayers be as incense rising up
Our joys and sufferings, our longings, be a sweet perfume unto you
We bow our heads, we bend our knees
We lift our hearts and we begin to find peace.
We lift our voices and our hands
Sing together across seas and land.
Lifted up as we fall down
We, the nail in your hands, a thorn on the crown.

You are loved more dearly than you'll ever know.
Hold my hand, follow me into the light, we'll take it slow.
You're walking on the water while the waves and wind rage on
But fear not, I'll never let you go.
I have heard your cries, I have heard your prayers.
Though you forsake me, I will never forsake you.
I hold you in my hand, I hold the sun in place,
I know you, I love you, I give you my life:
Will you do the same for me?
Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, welcome the sinner and the saint.
Welcome the poor into your home and into your heart.

You do the same for me;
You make me all I am.
You raise me up to more than I can be on my own.
You fill my soul with your song,
You sing your love over my life and I'm amazed.
I'm aware of your presence, but sometimes I can't see
The greatness of your master plan and why it has to be.
But I trust you, Lord help me to believe.

Some day I'll understand the wisdom of your plan
When all will be revealed and all will be made new
When I'm finally home where I can be with you.

But until that time Lord, be with me today.
Free me from these chains that bind, be here with me always.

Written during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Huntley.
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