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Nadia Oct 18
Why will this child happily eat snot
but raises all hell at even the thought
of eating most people foods
Sorry, life is gross these days
Nadia Oct 5
let go
and twirl
and twirl

flutter, tip, tumble


spin, spin, spin

dive down
veer up
slide over
dive in

softly settle, dream

NCL October 2019
Nadia Sep 29
She hugs like an octopus
Long, slim limbs
Wrapping around
With surprising force
Until fully bound
Too late to react
You are trapped
By her love
Nadia Sep 4
It's hard to produce a cacophony all by yourself
She was never one to back down from a challenge

NCL September 2019
Nadia Sep 5
All hail children of the waning summer
Sour and prickly, soft and sweet
These sun-wild children wander free
Blackberry stains on callused feet

NCL September 2019
Nadia Sep 17
For the first time in a long time
I grab a plastic sandwich bag
Out of the drawer.
Wracked with guilt
I try to tell myself
It’s not the end of the world
And I’ll try harder
To be greener tomorrow.
I wonder
If that’s what the oil companies think too

NCL September 2019
Nadia Sep 3
Summer is tired after hosting a season of parties
   She doesn’t want to pick up your empty glasses anymore
      Or take the scraps to the compost

Summer thinks barbecues are overrated
   And if she sees one more hot dog, well...
      She might have to let the wasps get her revenge

Summer is weary of politely ignoring all the skin exposed
   Not that she’s shaming any bodies
      She just can’t wait for sweaters and shoes that cover toes

Summer is done cleaning all the beach towels
    And sweeping up the sand
       that appears every time she leaves the room

Summer will always love blackberries and peaches
    But she thinks it's time for apples and pears,
        Early sunsets and pumpkin spice everywhere

Summer is not sad to go, but it’s early yet
  Still warm, maybe one last gathering will do
      Just a small, friendly goodbye barbecue...

NCL August 2019
Nadia Jul 26
A poem is calling
And I can't attend it
I'll seize a few strands
To later extend it

Because life is running
Demanding a chase
No time for daydreaming
Til the end of this race


A poem was calling
I hope it’s still near
If I sit still and quiet
Perhaps it will reappear

NCL July 2019
Nadia Aug 14
My son absconded with
Half of the sandpit
In his sneakers
It happened to hide
Until it was safely inside
And, even then, it waited
To spread all over
Freshly scrubbed floors
(Sand is diabolical,
You should know)

I would happily
Return the mess
But at the time
It seemed best
To clean up
Before it progressed
(sand craves to
spread untidiness)

I can further attest
That this latest theft
Was unintentional
And this confession
Unnecessary but
Sometimes it feels good
To confess something
Less outrageous than
The darkest of truths

NCL August 2019
Nadia Aug 9
I hope you enjoy
My heart served on that platter
Take a slice or a few
It doesn’t matter
Add a topping, maybe two
Do what you need to do
I don’t mind
As long as you don't
Leave any crumbs behind

NCL August 2019
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