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Mark Wanless May 29
i dream of walking
on mountains   ha ha ha just
one hundred paces
Mark Wanless Aug 2019
consequences or truth
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Words' Worth Apr 2019
I over 10 feet of the ground
With my pride in my pocket
And my cap snapped back

The purse and lipstick
Keeps the secrets on lips
They talk of your beauty

Like a ******
Of culture
The worst dancer on the dance floor
You make me shy
I want you anyway
Getting drunk on gin
Shining on the road sign
There's a hotel with your name

I guess I'm still looking for you
Keep looking for the truth
About the skies
That bathe in the sun
Like a hot bath
In April
Wonderous substance
CUred, ignored
Roll the dice
Feel the signs of fear and coldness
Like ice in your fridge
Your head's in the right place
He'll keep it in his fridge
Attached at the seams
You're a human and you give me the chills
-Confess you're a witch

-fine, im a *****
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