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Mark Wanless Aug 7
consequences or truth
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
I over 10 feet of the ground
With my pride in my pocket
And my cap snapped back

The purse and lipstick
Keeps the secrets on lips
They talk of your beauty

Like a ******
Of culture
The worst dancer on the dance floor
You make me shy
I want you anyway
Getting drunk on gin
Shining on the road sign
There's a hotel with your name

I guess I'm still looking for you
Keep looking for the truth
About the skies
That bathe in the sun
Like a hot bath
In April
Wonderous substance
CUred, ignored
Roll the dice
Feel the signs of fear and coldness
Like ice in your fridge
Your head's in the right place
He'll keep it in his fridge
Attached at the seams
You're a human and you give me the chills
I am a little bunny.
I eating lot of carrots.
One carrot, two carrots
Three carrots, four carrots.
One carrot for you, one carrot for me.
Two carrots for us.
That's vitamin E.
The carrot have vitamin E.
It good for your vision and skin.
Hey bunnies, bunnies!
Eat carrots.
Improve your vision and skin.
-Confess you're a witch

-fine, im a *****
Ben Estrada Nov 2018
I've always been good at my own craft,
the ability to always make others laugh.
Whether goofing around or a well placed pun,
the word they'd assign me would always be "fun".
But what some don't realize is under comedy's mask,
keeping yourself laughing is no easy task.
Seeing that smile makes me the happiest guy,
so try not to let them see you cry.
Honestly, this burden isn't too much to bear,
because what keeps me going is showing I care.
So the show must go on, all mirrors and smoke.
It's all in good conscience, all part of the joke.
L Aug 2018







(Meaning behind meeting)

Does it make sense yet? Now? No? Okay, nevermind.
Cat Lynn Aug 2018
You are always there... Even when I don't want you to be

Walking either right next to me... or behind me

You know when I'm alone... and need a loving embrace

You knock on my door... demand that I open it... so I can look into your baby face

I have tried rejected the love that you offer, I have tried ignored your company

But you always found a way to make me accept and deal with it...and all so suddenly

When I am in tears or in the midst of run and sit beside me

A partner... A friend that sticks closer then a brother... I know you will never abandon or leave..

Your eyes speak words that I know you could never speak..

and you stare at me so heavily, especially when you see me walk away and leave...

Are you bothered that you can't come along?

I can't help but want to turn around.. since this feeling of separation feels so wrong

I have corrected, forgiven, and rebuked you several times... I'd thought you hate me for those times...

But you only grow closer... and become all the more attached to me... which is more then fine

When I sit alone, and try to ignore the atmosphere I live in

You come walking up to me, sometimes bearing gifts or something to share, making me give in

But you always make sure your emotions are clear and made known

I know most of what you go through... I see you so much... how can it be ignored or thrown?

Feeling so locked up and caged? Several stair cases under?

Sometimes you come to me for guidance and comfort.. but I don't know the mind of a boy... but I do wonder...

I'm still here... I miss you so much sometimes whenever  I'm away

But I have that glorious image... of you running to me with such a big happy smile. Don't delay!!

Greet me with a kiss on the cheek, or sometimes on the hand

Your such a little fella... but you think of your self to be a proud man

But oh... the boy I love... the boy DOG I love...

The best friend that I need and don't came from above

You mean so much to me... I love you my slobbery, fluffy, Pomeranian MUNCHKIN!!!!!!!

What?... Did you think I was talking about a real boy?
...Soooooo... How many of you did I fool? XD HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously XD I want to know how many of you I fooled into think I was talking about an actually boy lol

Don't get me, wrong, it would be a great poem for a lover but i wrote it for my close companion... Munchkin, a Blessing from the Lord

Dog's always have that tendency to leave a paw print on your heart don't they? ;)
Mims Jul 2018
We are young
We love the idea that someone wants us
I told you last night I didn't want to be mean
You hold my hand I let you touch me
I'm trying to be kind
Because this would never work in real life
But the night is different from that isn't it?
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