that left
thats what
we are


wheat to


Jonestown Kool-Aid coming down stairrods.
Old, sparky stairlifts tail crematoria
Adolf's, Presley's lovechild, 20th-hungover
Kuklux twang intones 'Rock & Raus, raus, raus!'

rancid candy ketoacidosis
gust as Jeffreydahmer floors his burgervan.
I don't know what's in Jeff's Sexzomburgers,
but leaves Trump taste of chlorinated chicken.

Hoeing like hotcakes, commemorative stamps
depict stirring scenes from British history.
Philatelists covet a Kenyan being sodomised
w/ boomslang by sicko owed cenotaph solemnity.

Firstborn stillborn's full pentalogyofcantrell
no visceral florist could rearrange less yuck sight.
Was it augured by silhouette of biggest bouquet
obscuring torso of recessivelygened Mr.Right?

Chai latte beach of drowned childrefugees,
sabretoothed serendipitilessly w/ my old syringe,
whilst Sir Philipcobblepot's vulgar megayacht
gutbursts thru blue whale's rostrum as penguinge cringe.

Simpsons Halloweenspecial in Fox's snuff vaults,
where Homer & Marge's roles are yellow Fred & Rose.
Sherri & Terri in the basement in ducttape
Wiggum digging Lisa up from underpatio.

Mensheviks vs. Montagues vs. Capulets vs. Bolsheviks
vs. Heracliteanfire vs. Billyjoel vs. Fattyarbuckle
vs. Irresistibleforce vs. Blur vs. Kramer vs. Kramer
vs. Oasis vs. Tutsi vs. Hutu vs. myschool vs. yrschool
- bundle!!!!!!!

My Auschwitz Absplan killer workout is
killing, working out - all the smalltown skeletons
Thinspiration pinup is the rind of the crescent,
arrosively I idolise Musselman in the Musselmoon.

The Future's childinacape emotes Neilhilborn
on FB meme - still don't mean the Future will fly.
It'll climb
'long monkeybars of dogshitty dildoes over pits
of paedophile crocodiles (the Pope won the Turnerprize).

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha  
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

The Void's in porn hard & soft, the Void is bought & sold.
But you also feed the Void when you feed the ducks
All good godfathers gottohell whacked by the Voidmother.
Vacuous absurdosaurus universe is ghost mote in eye
of the Voidshark.  

I assumed maniacalcackle was madman close,
modulating the Cosmictragedy gelastically,
but my hubris dawned on me: it was Void's amusement
that I thought to sate its inverted Babel intray maw
w/ puny cunting poetry.

Julie Grenness Feb 2017

It's good to have a sense of humour,
With me, comedy is a favour,
Laughter is good medicine, ha ha!
Laughing at yourself is best by far,
So, do you only love me 'cause I'm short in bed?
Bit of a giggle, that, more than enough said!!!!!!

Feedback welcome.

We have fun
maybe too much fun
innocent until proven guilty
and I wouldn't trade
this madness for sanity
not today or tomorrow
mine forever
the uncertainty of what I,
what we,
have right now is
positively mental
at least we'll remember these days
until we die
or at least until we're old
and unable to conceive
hopefully able to appreciate
what we created here
five minutes of mayhem
a quarter hour of  madness
and I embrace this
like it was pure joy
and free

KathleenAMaloney Aug 2016

Gods Creation

Elena Sergei
Your Gift is Worthy!!!

Revealed the Whole Show
A Place With  Red Bow!

Sing Heavens Praises
Here Comes Our Raises!!!

Officer Crumpkiii.....Put Your Teeth Back In Please
SPT May 2016

She reached across the sugar bowl
Like always
Good habits are hard to break
She lit the pilots
An blew out the match
Listening to the bustling sounds
Whirring through the air outside
Fluttering two hundred a second
Each time a humming bird finds love
So she whispers, here's to courtship
Drink sweet and dream forever
Little ruby red neck, never give up.


Redneck girl likes to cruise in daddy's pickup truck,
And a redneck girl plays hard when she's down on her luck,
Living for Friday afternoon,
She's gonna show one ol' boy that weekend moon.

And I pray that someday I will find me a redneck girl
A redneck girl likes to stay out all night long
She makes sweet rock and roll while she listens to the country songs
She's waiting for that moment of surrender
Her hands are callused but her heart is tender

And I pray that someday I will find me a redneck girl
Gimme a, gimme a, gimme a redneck girl
Gimme a, gimme a, gimme a redneck girl

Gimme a gimme a gimme a redneck girl
Gimme a gimme a gimme a redneck girl

Redneck girl got her name on the back of her belt
She's got a kiss on her lips for her man and no one else
The Coyote is howling out on the prairie
First comes love, then comes marriage!

And I pray that someday I will find me a redneck girl
Gimme a, gimme a, gimme a redneck girl

Gimme a, gimme a, gimme a redneck girl
You've got to gimme a, gimme a, gimme a redneck girl,
Gimme a gimme a gimme a redneck girl.
s Mar 2016

Playing a song on repeat
The same thing
Over and over
You play on repeat
Nasty words
Hard punches
Over and over
I'm done I can't do this anymore
You're stuck on repeat

Done ha screw it
Piper W Oct 2015

She's my best friend
Break her heart
or bring her down
I'll make you regret it immediately.

Don't hurt her
Mary Alexander Oct 2015

You think I'm crazy
You think I'm gone.
But that's the reason
That we get along.
You think I'm insane,
Entirely bonkers.  
Like a mental drain.  
Completely off of my rocker.
There's a little poison in me.  
Just enough to make me grin.  
Because, you see, that's the key
To finding where I've been.
You think I'm crazy.
I say yes, baby I'm mad.
With my skin so pasty
And my eyes so gold.
The craziest friend that you've ever had.

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