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JoshuaX Nov 2021
missed u in a day
in a week i am weak
in a month ill lose my mind
in a year, to lose u forever i fear ~
JoshuaX Nov 2021
she was never in love
and never will
my hope was lost
but i like her still
JoshuaX Sep 2021
In your eyes i was lost
But now i know where i belong
If finding my way will pull me away
Now i know im lost everyday
JoshuaX Apr 2018
A couple months from now i dont know what i would say
Cause they was always right
Maybe i was born to fail
There are people who is bound for greatness people who prevail
And there are others that only thought theyd be great
I wish i was the first but at the end of the day
I can only dream if i can be like them
I am somethin that nobody would appreciate
JoshuaX Apr 2018
I am somethin that nobody would appreciate
Its not that nobody gave a **** or they are trying to hate
But nobody noticed the efforts that i made
People in my life waitin that i fail
JoshuaX Apr 2018
Aint nobody laughin but my life is just a joke
Everyday i wear a mask go out there and i pretend
That theres nothin wrong when inside i want to end
My life if i could just take a rest for a while or accept that im depressed
I try to fix my life but its already in a mess
JoshuaX Apr 2018
Sometimes i would think why do i gotta be so wrong
Too many people in the world but now im left alone
Hope she realize that id be here today
even if everyone around her dont even want to stay
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