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Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
No one indispensable
If someone
a nuisance
Care a hang
Forget to remember
Let alone
Miss them
KHY Oct 2020
You’ve infected that part of me
that cries when I’m alone
Now my tears are iron chains
that block me from the sun
I feel none
I feel none
Fireflies Jun 2020
Hatred makes you stronger
What is there to stop you when care is no longer
Hatred makes you unhappy
Nothing that can't be solved with a lil therapy
Hatred makes you run
Fell free, go far ,for reasons to turn back are none
Hatred makes you free
Noone can hold you back not even with a dramatic plea
Hatred makes you stronger
Poetic T May 2020
Abstract illustration,
for likened is neither
                       words or form.

Were just memories,
of then and before, afterimages..

Thinking were real, but were diodes
of light fixed re-watched...
observed a thousand times..

We never realise that we weren't here,
                just a replayed moment...

Look behind you,
        to late..

             were not really here..

"Just a moment being rerun,
                   did you hear me when

I said that, yes that's me not you..
don't worry, just sleep. Shhhhh….

Everything will be fine in the morning...
jovy May 2020
how can you deceive
a love you perceive
that he/she receive
and you end up leave?
Brian Johnson May 2020
Is it the beauty of pain or the pain of beauty, the beauty of failure or the pain of success. A shattering dream or reassembling the pieces. The sorrow in loneliness or loneliness in sorrow.  
    Distractions distort perception, dislex  words,  verse chorus verse fade to discern which is which,  who is who, an impossibility for mankind. Keep questioning question with questions . I divorced reality in an awkward instance of oblivion waking up tomorrow in yesterday's dream scream its still only today. Right?
Victory M I Feb 2020
Before sky's doors, gigantic clouds
Quietly watch for the sun:
Their white gowns to embellish
With his glistening colour.

Magnolia-lined, peachy, lilac clouds
Meet over the boisterous, leaping sea—
Each slap on shorelines or liners’ sides
Splashes into my ears her sparkling waters!

Should the sky be grey and pouring rain?
Where the sea and sky seem to meet again:
Their colour combinations give a cool view
Like a large circular paper folded into two.

The mountains' apexes beautifully dew-clad
Resemble armed giant soldiers standing.
The wild flowery plants dance and bow
To greet the strong wind passing!
The beauty of nature described.
Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2020
A change might be around the corner
That is why I keep holding on
What if the joy hidden from me
Touches my world instant I'm gone?

The second after I take my life
Might be exact second it changed
My blank cold eyes would never see
Beautiful prophecy arranged

I have to hug hope so close
Better days are soon to come
Until they arrive I must remember
A ****** life is better than none
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