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Your soft voice
Is so gentle
A breeze under the door
A poppy on a green field
Wanting to get noticed

I try to hear
To grasp where it comes from
The life who carries that voice.
Like a bee under the wind
Wishing to get by
Doing her job

You say farewell
Like the last inch of a Sunset
on the Horizon
You leave a Purple tone
A screen of Beauty
in my Heart.
If you are out there reading this
My penpal of Hope
Know nothing is what it seems

Your true angles aren't so crooked
Your real intentions and desires
Are beautiful fires
That will light up the bust of your Soul

A God's torch will guide your path
A God's angel will keep your back

Never in vain
You will sustain
With Love and Freedom

Carry on,

With Love,

Your penpal of Hope
I've gone walking
In the midst
Of memories
And I lost myself

There's so much
To go through
Smiles, phrases, faces
Moments, people, places...

I've gone walking
Redeemed and tuned
There is nothing that we can do
Caged we pay the price,
And feel the spin of the dice
Tumbling in our own shoot.
Simple and vivid
Friendship remains so easy
An opener for Love
If there were no waves
There would be no sea
My feelings come and go
Passing endlessly

Where there's sun and beam
Reaches us with no doubt
Even scarce they seam
Warm the very heart

My world is a river
Passing below the bridge,
I cannot stop the shiver
Encrusted at the ridge

I feel the troubled waters
The frenetic speed
It's useless, and yet true
Let's just breathe...
Hope is the faith we have to cling to
When everything we wish for
has not yet arrived.

To come out of the dark
The shallow fires have made us fly
Above deserts of ignorance.

We have found treasures through poverty
Happiness through pain
We have built bridges from valleys
We gained hope through time.

That we may still reach
The fruits of the heart
Seeing in Blindness.
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