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Coleman M Lowe May 2023
Through a tunnel I walk.
Stumbling upon the demons I stalk.
Straining to understand their words.
Yet afraid of what their message may hold.
The walls and path are all ablur.
As further along I do blunder.
Stumbling and falling,
To rise once more.
Searching for a magical door.
To release me from this caliginous gambit.
Then the goblins and trepidation omit,
To deliver me anew to the suns bright glare.
And release me once more from the captivity of despair
Coleman M Lowe May 2023
So beautiful,
So ****,
So alluring
She may be.
She'll take it all
Even your soul.
And demand ever more.
Until all are gone.
To her you're just one more.
She'll take your money,
Family and friends.
Your very life.
She'll take it all.
And causes only strife.
She'll **** you dry,
And make you wanna cry.
And leave you empty,
And wishing to die.
And might not know,
The reason why.
These merchants of death.
With her they ply.
Filled with only greed,
They'll not notice,
Or even care,
When you die.
There's plenty more,
To take your place.
You were nothing,
But money,
And a face.
Don't trust her smiling face.
So beautiful and ****,
She might seem.
She will rob,
Your self esteem.
And leave you empty,
And alone.
If you're even alive
I have lost too many friends to her.
When you are truly in pain she is a blessed thing. But at the same time she is the most insidious thing on this planet.
Best beware of the poppy in all her forms.
Coleman M Lowe May 2023
It was a lovers moon.
That shone down that night.
And in an alcove,
Away from casual sight.
Two star crossed lovers,
Held each other tight.
It was a lovers moon,
That shone down that night.
Their skin glissened from the silvery light.
They gasped and moaned,
And held each other tight.
It was a lovers moon,
That shone down that night.
As they made love, on into the night.
It was a lovers moon,
That would go away, way too soon.
For all they had was, just this night.
And they made love,
Until it was light.
It was a lovers moon.
Coleman M Lowe Aug 2022
The thought police are after me,
Cause your mind I would free.
Your thoughts are yours,
And mine, my own.
My mind it roams,
Wherever I please.
Do not tell me I'm wrong.
Or this must cease.
Nor, they  don't belong.
Perhaps to you,
They don't belong.
What's mine is mine.
All day long.
Perhaps this should be a song.
And thousands upon thousands,
Wish to sing along.
Then perhaps you might see.
Individuality and not conformity,
Is the way to be.
And truly set yourself free.
be yourself don't worry about how others perceive you. Don't try to be what you are not just to please those around yoo
Coleman M Lowe Aug 2022
Why should I care,
How you feel?
If you're policy,
Just isn't fair.
What's good for she,
Should be good for he.
And if good for he,
Then as well for she.
That should be plain to see.
It's as obvious to me,
As the nose on your face.
You need to catch up,
With the human race.
                   by: coleman
fairness and equality should be for all and not just the few or select individuals
Coleman M Lowe Aug 2022
If you're on the outside,
And simply peeking in.
You can never truly know.
What may or may not have been.
You may say:
He shoulda never
She never shoulda been
You don't really know.
If you're on the outside,
You're simply looking in.
Coleman M Lowe Aug 2022
If I could but wish for you
And all those wishes come to fruition.
For all your wishes to come true.
That would be ,
My one ambition.
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