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Coleman M Lowe May 2021
Nothing is as lonesome as the night.
The stars are burning dim,
As the whipporwill calls.
A tear streaks my face,
as his call tears my heart.
As the weight of the moon,
Presses me down to the earth.,
I cry out for help,
With a voice that makes no sound.
The weight of the world,
Keeps me pressed to the ground.
The crickets chirp,
The tree frogs sing.
And above it all,
I hear the whipporwills.....
Plaintive call
Coleman M Lowe Mar 2021
Do you envision,
That I wanted it this way?
That I simply awoke,
And chose to be this way?
To feel lost, broken,
And utterly alone?
To feel the sadness and loneliness,
Cutting to the bone?
To be sad and depressed,
And not know the reason why?
To feel useless,
and wishing to die?
To feel guilty,
For things,
I can never atone?
Or starting to cry,
Never knowing,
The reason why?
Perhaps it's true,
You really do.
This is what,
I want to do.
To be afraid,
To talk on a phone?
Or to enter a room,
When others are there?
Or to doubt,
Each and every move,
Now that,
Really makes you feel smooth.
And never be sure,
Exactly what to do?
Afraid to tell you,
Just how I really feel?
Or afraid,
Of how someone else might feel?
I closed my eyes,
Hoping I could dream,
Something simply awful,
So I could awaken with a scream.
That's exactly what I did.
I planned .
To this way be.
I wouldn't have it,
Any other way.
Or any other day.
Just so I could drive,
All my friends away?
Isn't that,
What you see?
Do you really think,
I wished it,
For me,
To be?
This way?
I wished it to be.
If only you could see,
What it's really like,
To be inside of me.
And viewing the world,
Through my eyes,
And see how things look to me.
                               By : coleman
Coleman M Lowe Feb 2021
Every day for the rest of my life,
You'd be the elixir of my life.
I know it sounds
Like a fantasy life.
To have someone love you,
Without no strife.
Everyday for the rest of my life,
I'd tell you I love you,
And you are my life.
Everyday for the rest of my life,
I'd tell you I loved you.
I'd make you my wife.
Coleman M Lowe Feb 2021
Would you be my sweetie pie?
I know I'd like to be your guy.
You said once you might could be.
And I think you may well be,
The one for me.
So what do you say?
Do you think,
There may just be a way?
We could get together,
And together we'd stay.
I love you.
But not just one day.
You said once,
You'd be,
The girl for me.
So would you?
Be my sweetie pie?
And you could count on me,
To be your guy.
for christie who I love dearly
Coleman M Lowe Dec 2020
I don't believe in labels.
                         Either for me or for you.
                         All too many times.
                         Someone hangs a label on you.
                        Without knowing you,
                        Or even having  clue.
                        How can you judge someone,
                        Without even knowing them?
                        Without any evidence,
                        They have labeled you.
                        So take the time,
                        To listen and learn.
                        Before someone you don't know,
                       You spurn.
                        I can't judge you by color or size,
                        Your shape,
                        Your clothes,
                        Or even your eyes.
                        I could no more hate you if your eyes are blue,
                        Than could I hate you because you are a different hue.
                        Here's what we all need to do.
                        Don't label somone,
                       Get a clue.
                       Before a label is hung on them,
                       Or you.
Coleman M Lowe Nov 2020
The man in the looking glass,
Staring back at me.
The man the who usually,
I can't see.
You can't always see,
What others see.
But when I look into the looking glass,
I see me,
Looking back at me.
I don't know if I like the man,
Looking back at me.
He can be such a terror,
Or oh so kind.
If only I could find,
A middle ground.
And a good me,
Looking back at me.
And then I might like,
The man in the looking glass,
Looking back at me.
Coleman M Lowe Nov 2020
"Myopic Tunnel"

Through a myopic tunnel I walk.
Stumbling upon the demons i stalk
Straining to understand their words
Yet afraid of what their message may hold
The walls and path are all ablur
As further along i do blunder
Stumbling and falling
To rise once more
Searching for a magical door
To release me from this caliginous gambit
Then the goblins and trepidation omit
To deliver me anew to the suns bright glare
And release me once more from the captivity of despair

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