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Andrew Harris Feb 2020
What is is to live alone?
What is it to lose?
Why does my mind fight?
How deep it is to feel unknown...

To lose the depth of relating
To find the depths of self-relating
To look up from the floor below
I sink further still

I am striving to know my grass is green
just where I am and try to glean
To see that I am whole without
The thing I made my life about

Easier said than done
Andrew Harris Nov 2019
Why does it seem that
Honesty is known when we
Are not  in known crowds
Honesty is easiest  when those you are being honest to will never meet you
Andrew Harris Nov 2019
Thoughts run
Aimless, goaless, chaos incarnate
Thoughts run
My mind into the wall
Thoughts run
And run
And run

Like a pipe burst
Like a faucet
They just run
Aimless, goaless. Chaos incarnate

Can I map them?
Define them?
Bring them to resolution?
Present myself the solution?

Can I?
A late night the other night
Andrew Harris Jun 2019
Not too long ago I knew
Things, people, family, future plans
Not too long ago
They grew...

Then, over the course of 4 years
Everything fell apart
Everything came unglued, undone,
Nothing fit together so smart(ly)

It took six month of pain, regret and confusion to...
See colors once known
Look out
It’s time to get into my own zone

And now I am alive
I feel like I might thrive
I feel more me now, then I ever was
Before. Before all the fuzz

They actually gave birth

Every day isn’t easy
Far from everything perfect
But I feel things are flowing
I feel that my soul is growing
My choices flowing
My expectation growing
sometimes beauty does come from ashes, and though i am still covered in ash,  the light is shining through
Andrew Harris May 2019
If Chaos is the Great Mother
Then admits my madness
There is something new coming
Something is borne in the turbulence

So I can take a breath because
This won’t be comfortable
This won’t be easy
Sometimes not palatable
But my goal, remain malleable

Because in this hurricane I lose sight
Of the sun or stars to guide my way
But Belief, built from scratch, made to last
That will guide my way

To the birth of something new
In stories and lore from centuries past, chaos was respresented as the Great mother. A (would-be)hero would leave what they knew and travel to unknown and emerge something new

Also, the belief line was stolen from a Gavin DeGraw song, I do not own the rights to that line(hope that’s ok$
Andrew Harris May 2019
Desperation it’s
A mirror I never wanted
To see myself in
Self reflection
Andrew Harris Apr 2019
Real life.
She can be trying
She can be all the shades of strife

Real truth.
He can be trying.
Sometimes he’a best with a chaser. Gin and Vermouth

just Breathe.
Life can be crazy
It can make things hazy
It’s so easy to get lost in the crazy
It’s hard to find a compass when things get hazy

Just breathe.
Follow it down into the depths of your soul
Feel it corse through like a smoldering coal
It’s a flame
And it’s life
The breath we breathe

Just Breathe.
Sometimes the breath we breathe is the best thing there is...
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