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Apr 2018
Angels in a nightclub

There are angels in my heart and angels in sight;
There are angels everywhere I look tonight.
This is surely Heaven, for there is magic in the air.
The finest, most beautiful, angels are here.

There are not enough words, to express the way that I feel;
There are not enough ways to say you are beautiful.
There is not enough time for me to show you my feelings are real.
There is just enough time for me to change your world.

To catch your eye, to make you smile;
An automatic response, you cannot deny.
Admit you love me, or at least don’t hate me,
Then my heart can be set free.

One day angel tears may fall from our eyes,
But right now we could be something, so raise a smile.
You can’t be sad, when I look so silly,
When I am simply, being me.
Trying hard to make you laugh;
Exchanging vanity for looking daft.

Darkness lets you dance freely,
So you can let go and fall in love with me.
We are two people; we both know one is not enough.
Let us become Romeo and Juliet; let us each find love.

Kiss me goodnight and hold me tight.
My angel in the nightclub…
You changed my life.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey
Written by
Aa Harvey
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