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jane taylor May 2016
all seemed chaos
incoherence and seeming defeat

it was as if in crucifixion i walked
but for awhile

resistance commenced corroding
to surrender

in quiet then the gift appeared
more majestic than i possibly could have imagined

oh god you were there all along
and i never journeyed alone

and lo, but with acceptance of this truth
all was revealed

Kenny Whiting Apr 2016
Where is My God in times of need,
   when sorrows feel the worst?
Where is He when despair hits home,
   when broken hearts so hurt?

Where is He when I've fallen down,
   and stumbled once again?
Where is He when in darkness now,
   I feel I've reached the end?

Where is He when the storms now rage,
   and lightning crashes 'round?
Where is He when the Devil wins,
   and Satan  has me bound?

Where is He when I need Him most,
   those times amassed with fear?
To answer every one of these,
   just look, He's been right there!

Just take the time to look around,
   He's been right by your side;
He'll hold you close to comfort you,
   you'll NEVER be denied!

He's waiting there with arms outstretched,
   He's listening for your call;
It's up to you to turn to Him,
   at any time you fall!

You'll see if resting in His Arms,
   He answers every prayer;
You'll never feel alone again,
   you'll know He's ALWAYS there!!
Racheal McKnight Feb 2016
All I can do is sit here,
While you're in the operating room.
Thinking about our love,
Hoping you'll be out soon.

I have no idea why or how,
This happened has to you.
Why your appendix chose now,
I haven't got a clue.

Just know that I am waiting here,
In this waiting room,
Waiting for you to be safe and well,
To bring you back home soon.

I hope you know that we are bound,
By an unbreakable force.
I will be by your side through this,
To help you get back on your horse.

I stayed with you here overnight,
And I will not leave you now.
You will never be alone in pain,
Do you know how?

I will never leave your side,
Even if it means death or life.
I want you to know that I love you,
And I will help you overcome your strife :-)
I wrote this about my fiance who went in for an emergency appendectomy last night. I wrote this for him for when he got out of the operating room. I told him I would never leave his side and this was my way of showing him.
So how are you holding up?
The decaying chatter by the coffee shop,
The fragile fleshy décor dolls,
The long forgotten scented lull,

So how are you holding up?
The bloke who learned to gulp,
The tears that grew, unborn,
That well perfected summer shawl,

So how are you holding up?
The wrinkled abandoned love,
The ears that await son’s hum,
Across oceans, across heavenly calms,

So how are you holding up?
The flickering light on the street across,
The lad who learnt to scream and dub,
A much too much needed undone?

So how are you holding up?
The ones too tough to glide and quake,
Broken seraphim’s cradled heartache ,
Fettered beings unheard,unquestioned!

So how are you holding up?
Glistening eyes keeping this song,
Vanquished warriors done and undone,
Slain and reborn by dawn,

So how are u holding up?
Thought I'd ask to me and us,
Woe, worry, atrocious treachery,
Condemned, entwined are we not?

So how are you holding up?
Thought I'd share in the red huff,
Thought I'd comfort, care and surrender,
If we are all alone, are we not together?
Saw a pair of mascara smeared eyes in the train today, my best friend half choking and facetiming me, then I realised there is doom and despair in every corner and this was born
Cazandra Leia Oh Mar 2015
Innocence is not ignorance
Innocence is more than naivety
Innocence is the moment
When two souls collide
And you feel
A warmth
So deep
You know you will never be alone
RazanSidErani Feb 2015
I wish I could fly.
If I could I would.
I'd come get you !

I'd soar towards the heavens
and come get you.

Distance wouldn't be an issue but a nuisance.
It'll never Barr us away .
For I'll come get you.

Steal all of you in the dark of the night like thieves,
And we'll fly high above the mountains.
High above the clouds.
And the let the winds carry us home.

You'd never be alone.
I'd come get you.
Whenever you felt so.
© RazanRinaldi
Brianne Rose Feb 2015
When one thinks they are alone,
There's always someone watching in silence.

When one thinks that no one loves them,
There's always someone reaching out with arms wide open.

When one realizes the depths of their sorrow,
There's always someone there to take away the pain.

When one fully blooms from a bud to a Flower,
There's not always someone to bloom along with you.

You may be a simple Daisy amongst a garden of Roses,
But why be like the rest, when it is your own uniqueness,
That makes a Rose wish it were a Daisy?
Mel L Jan 2015
Hello poetry,
Hello home,
Hello everyone under this dome,

We are different, but,
We are united, for
We all love poetry,

You may feel alone, but
You are not, since
You are with all of us,

Hello you,
You are not alone, for
We are all here for you...
If anyone ever feels the need to talk to someone, go ahead and chat me up :)
May E V Watson Nov 2014
i promise you know me the most
i promise you'll watch it all up close.
i promise you'll see a side of me ill never show.
i promise you'll see my eyes full of sympathy for a world that wants me
on my knees.
i promise even if i can barely stand ill find you a place to land.
i promise ill find a remedy for this world that'll hang me by the rope.
i promise when the leaves are falling faster i will find you a happy ever after.
i promise to try and give hope through my endeavors.
i promise if there was nothing wrong there'd be nothing right.
i promise when the quire sings and church-bells ring ill forgive the
wrongs they did.
i promise ill hold their hands
i promise ill take their swords
i promise ill be their shield
i promise ill watch them
i promise ill guide them
i promise ill protect them
i promise as i have all along
i promise to love them.
i promise by my friend GreeSeyl, he is unable to post much of his things himself so i am doing so for him.
When you're walking down the loneliest road
And bad weather is before you
Don't forget that even in the hard times
Your Creator walks right beside you.
Written from 'The Loneliest Road In America', Highway 50.

— The End —