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RazanSidErani Jan 2021
You possessed so much
Turn the bricks into a haunted house
Your mind filled with skeletons of the past and present
You've killed someone here
Trapped them behind hollow bricks
Now I sleep alone
Transfixed by the blue black stars spinning above
RazanSidErani Jun 2017
I am of an unpopular opinion
that if you have yourself, my dear
you are never alone.
RazanSidErani May 2017
Nothing makes sense,

Not even you.
RazanSidErani May 2017
For all the things I've said and done,

I'm glad for all the things i haven't said or done,

burning bridges is the best cathartic

it prevents you from falling back on lousy habits...
RazanSidErani May 2017
I wish that you were the kind of person,

your face lies about being.
RazanSidErani May 2017
you are the worst kind of let down,

the cat keeps dragging you back in.
RazanSidErani May 2017
the millennials like to dream,
we like to believe in anything.
love, life and food cycles lasts forever
at least in photographs it does.
the age of superhero movie adaptations
and the golden age of TV.
where an epic episode cost ten million
times have changed
but we never stop dreaming
its a daydream nation out there
by RazanSidErani
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