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Where the sea kisses the land,
And Luna and Sole coincide,
Between them is a fine, fine, line,
They walk both sides of it,
Love and Hope,
In pure gold dance in diamonds and step in sunshine,
Love holds his hand showing a world to behold,
Their ambiance intoxic worth dying for it,
He could waste his youth forever,
Chasing kites, he finds no better time,
Lets them rub his back, grow in his spine,
Dancing to his own beat, two left feet,
Hope covers his eyes in the heat,

He looks back into the divide,
Where the sea kisses the land,
And Luna and Sole coincide,
There it is again, caressing his chest,
That feeling- it flows like the wind,
He sees Love elegantly dressed alone,
By the cliff-side, wanting to meet the high-tide,
Something broke, and he wanted home,
Chasing Love he screamed and wailed,
Begged her stop, she seemed so very far,
He couldn't stop her despite how he tried,
He couldn't believe it, is it true;
That some feelings can travel too?
So he watched Love meet the sea,
A silver bullet piercing the murky blue,
A shred of light glimmers in depravity,
Prayed for salvation or divine retribution,
For someone to find his center of gravity,
Maybe in the murky blue he'll find absolution,
Maybe in depravity there is the solution,
Maybe amongst the pollution and the convolution there is revolution.
Janal Rajput Oct 30
You killed Romance:
In the night shrouded in blue,
See Romance thought you cherished him,
So he looked after you,
Fantasized and idealized images of you-
Herbal baths, pink perfumed steam,
Caring hands that you loved too,
Gentle kisses down your neck,
Sweet like dripping whip cream,
Nose to nose, breath to breath, cheek to cheek
Romance's lucid teenage dream,
Eyes saying more than we could ever speak,
In car windows filled with steam,
But they were only cheap thrills,
Destined to wilt, destined to fall apart
left Romance so weak
To him it was you and I- but to you?
There was no team.
Yet you still threw love at him in synthetic roses
Told him you loved him,
Told him you missed him,
That you wanted to see him,
Be with him,
Care for him,
But did you?
Romance offered you a world to view
In pastel colours of orange and blue,
Hints of violet and a love ever so true,
Wanted to cherish your smile,
But you Made him feel like a criminal on trial,
While he kissed the glint in your eye,
You lied-made him believe you'd try,
So he listened to the sound of your laughter,
And you'd cancel, tell him you'd have to see him later,
Romance craved to speak to your soul, but you never exposed it- afraid to lose control.
Romance left you ironically you never missed him,
Because you never cared enough to understand him,
Or knew him in your apartment with the city lights over the balcony,
Romance could never have touched you, only dreamed of you,
Because you sought out Lust,
And he gave you flesh,
With little faith and a lot less trust,
Not someone to love and caress,
Only someone for your body to ******,
Romance wanted the passion of your heart,
the wonders of your mind,
That night you killed Romance he cried one last tear
Hoped you'd leave lust behind and find someone at night you can rely on-
Hold dear
He couldn't hate you because he knew not how to
Only love you
Drive the knife deeper
Your unwanted pig to slaughter
Chop him up
Throw away the parts you didn't like
Wrap him in cling film
Sell him to the highest bidder
And he still loved you
Hoping you'll find happiness too.
Janal Rajput Oct 22
Looking out my window I saw a fright!
The coldest and most blackest night,
Not a soul alive and I could not hide,
For the wind it screamed full of spite,
Against my window with vicious might!

I prayed for solace and for good day-light,
Yet my prayers were in vain of such a sight,
Petrified, I watched as the tempest grew,
The Thunder laughed at my dearest plight,
For it crashed to ground and lit it alight!

Never had a storm caused such a blight,
Had I angered the Gods? Is this their smite?
For no storm of man could shatter the trees,
O what a tale my death shall write,
The storm rages with rampant delight!

What horror is this? O it cannot be!
Do my eyes deceive me, or is this what I see?
A man soaked to the bone in this cyclone!?
Desperately clinging to but a broken tree,
In the foulest of nights, I run to his plea!

I ran into the vicious gale suddenly,
To walk the line between bravery and foolery!
Whilst the downpour drowned the very ground,
I felt like a sailor who was lost at sea,
My only guide this man’s despairing plea!

He screamed and bellowed as if a banshee!
O what more horrors had this night for me?
His body was broken, his back cut open,
God what such a wound, perhaps a tree?
I could not tell for it was too dark to see!

I reached to lift his head, for he might be dead!
Stunned to find his skin burning hot instead,
He whispered to me in the howling night,
I could not hear, what must he have said?
I cared not for the storm filled me with dread!

He turned his beautiful face to me,
Never will I forget what I did see!
For it filled me with sorrow,
To see such beauty in melancholy,
Black tears ran from his eyes freely!

My heart cracked at his obvious pain,
He stood up, the lightning striking again!
He lifted a hand and the storm subsided,
Whispering to me in a voice of disdain,
“I am no mortal; do you know my name?”

I rejoiced as my dark night turned light!
For an Angel had come in my darkest plight!
I praised The Lord and fell to my knees
Bowing my head in respectful benight,
“What is the name of the Angel who saved me tonight!?”

“I am not what you claim
And I have many a name
Lord of the Flies, Father of Lies,
Morningstar, Moloch and Beelzebub
Mortals I do despise.”

My eyes widened in stricken fear,
As he smiled at me with cheer,
I tried to turn, I tried to run,
My attempts met with a sneer,
I was trapped like a hunted deer!

Drenched to the bone I could see my home
Is this my punishment, my sins to atone?
I wondered how such beauty sat on
The darkest of Thrones,
I watched as he snapped two Angelic wings,
The crack sounding right from the bone

Blood as black as oil seeped into the ground,
Where it festered and boiled, I stood still spellbound
The tar sizzled my skin and bone, I prayed for God
“Pray all you want but this is unhallowed ground,
Your prayers fall silent they make not a sound!”

I began sinking into the black boiling pit,
My skin blistering and becoming alight,
He hovered above me, looking with spite,
And I felt his true hate and menacing might,
I sank deeper and deeper, I realized with fright,
I was falling into the Eternal Night.
A poem I wrote for Halloween!
I want to fall in love and write cute mushy poetry.

Mature my relationship and write sonnets about our lives.

Then break up and write sad songs.

Eventually, realize he wasn't worth it And write angry or semi  relieved one-liners.

Ah! the things we are willing to go through,
to be able to write Poetry.
pure white innocence
charmed the world with pale beauty.
envy lit the pyre
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