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Johnny walker Nov 2018
Whisper naughty but nice
and gently nibble her ear
would send Helens heart
all to a flutter With both
our hearts racing we
entered the pleasurable
joys of ******* to feel
the nakedness of her body
pressed against mine to
kiss her all over and to lay
there afterwards and see
my girl asleep In all her
To my girl In all her glory so beautiful
hope and I never lose my memories
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Helen had a real
naughty but nice
**** husky voice
and such wicked
Her eyes so bright
so much said In the
beautiful eyes of
Helen was not only
pretty, she had beauty
Inside a beauty that
came from deep
She had a heart of
gold fell In love with
her I was rewarded
so much
Helen had this incredible voice
could be so **** and what
wicked laugh but she so nice with It
SomeOneElse Oct 2018
Your beauty i cannot resist
As i lean in for a french kiss
Your so soft skin i do caress
As we both start to undress
I kiss your neck and behind your ears
Exploring your body from front to rear
I lay you down nice and slow
Kissing you from head to toe
I kiss your legs and inner thighs
This is where my heaven lies
I wrapped your legs around my face
And long to taste your sweet embrace
My hands caress your perfect ****
My mouth enjoys your tasty ****
I can hear you start to moan
As my tongue begins to roam
Loving every smell and taste
I take my time and never haste
With every kiss your body  shivers
And every lick just makes you quiver
My lips and tongue they are not done
Just because I've made you ***
I keep probing every nook and cranny
Moving down to lick your *****
My mind and body on cloud nine
While i rim your great behind
I can feel your knees go weak
As you hit your second peak
Now that you are wet and ready
I enter you slow and steady
Starting slow then speeding up
I kiss your ******* and lick them up
With every ****** our bodies kiss
Completely lost yet nothing missed
Our bodies joined we shake and tingle
And as we kiss our tongues do mingle
Now in such euphoric state
As we both *******
Both exhausted from the night
We start to spoon, i hold you tight
Kissing you till we pass out
Dreaming when we’ll next make out
Written as a fantasy
jennifer delong Sep 2018
My body helpless as desire seems to consume

My bed so lonely without you

As steaming hot passion burns uncontrollably free

My lips are moistened with my feverish tongue

As inside my hearts flaming desires are definitely ripened

My breast bare as the night chill gives them a rush

I begin to moan but try hard to keep it hush

Tenderly my fingers dribble down my bare breast

To delicate places my fingers slowly come to a rest

I circle my ****** as a chill flows through

Inside of me a passion burns so deep with thoughts of you

As sweat begins to build upon my body so warm

I linger on to places that even more feelings can dwell

Down to my stomach my fingers seem to glide

Down to that spot where my passion seems to hide

A hot burning desire, I feel the flames flowing so free

As my fingers dip into the deeper depths of me

So wet and flaming the power of my desire

Inside this spot is the total passion of my extreme desire

My mind trapped in thoughts of you beside me

As , I begin to moan with excitement, 

The faster my fingers seem to go

A deep sigh a ****** purr a deep emotion breaking free

Sounds of rapture wanting to erupt, 

And open up to this total ecstasy

A burning desire inside my body so deep

So much hot passion that I moan

Unable for silence to keep

Thoughts of you consume my soul and my heart

As this burning desire within me comes forth to depart

I let go of myself and seem to float high above

As emotions inside me remind me of your sweet body

My bed empty where in my mind you lay

Upon my body a burning desire, I can't keep away

Oh tonight, I may dream and feel this
pleasure so true

But tomorrow my **** man

I will give all this desire to you and only you

A burning desire inside we both shall feel

As tonight may be just a fantasy

For tomorrow it will be so real

© Jennifer L DeLong 5/7/17
svdgrl Jul 2018
You always scoop me up with a smile and a wink.
I can't help the smirk that comes in sync,
You open your broken door to let me in
You're straight out of work and you still hold the scent
of the day on you, and we're spent but still I stay on you.
And I don't need to know, but I'll ask "How was it?"
while you're driving through our cities,
for you, I wasn't just a way, I knew.
I stare at the green patches and the spills of blue,
we listen to the radio and I listen to you,
lips glisten as grass and morning dew,
tongues run along them fast, and we have a clue,
and we glance way up ahead, as the cars come to a slow
you lean over and press them to me, under the red glow
You've a hunger and my lips abundant-
a feast, for plunder, and it's no wonder
under the disguise of your caddy sedan,
you're the man whom I call daddy,
a ***** man with a solid plan
and we'll drive by some thirty friends,
and park down and around the bend,
and scramble in through your basement door
even though it's no secret anymore
We'll say hello to your mother,
pretty sure she knows I'm your lover-
and though I hide the shame
cause I don't wanna be lame
My name in your parted mouth
And you in mine, hard down south,
makes for an even better night
than kissing at all of the red lights.
Poetic T May 2018
Smiling in this moment of love,
pollen brings alleges.
A sneeze pressures
her secret to fall
with a clang.

Vibrating *******, blushful innocence revoked.
in romeo
will gather in street here
with gypsum bandeau
that might shed such fear
with our dilatory cling

only where he'll sing
but anywhere nigh
in romeo

if a basket of groupers
never taser hinds
still heed the call
whether love will shine  
in romeo
Karisa Brown Mar 2018
Skin torched
Tongue porcelain
Unable to convey
What I have to say
One day
One day
Styles Mar 2018
As we exchange gentle kisses;
             our bodies engage
             lips graze her ribcage
             her heart enclaves
             and her chest caves
             unto a soul encaged
             beating with passion
             and fueled by rage
              it's more than just ****
              it's the Passion we exchange.
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