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Poetic T Sep 20
If you masturbated a hedgehog,
which ***** would you
                make stiff first..

And how many schlongs
                      could you handle at once..

Wow thats deep....
dawn's radiant light
fell upon the wooded glade
on realizing its call
to rise
a chorus of robins
began their singing
for the day
the tuneful sounds
bought such joy
to the ear
wandering beneath
the overhanging boughs
was a lumbering hedgehog
he ceased his travels
to take a closer listen
on hearing the birds
bright twittering
it gladdened
him so
Martin Horton May 2019
No Bumblebee.

No blackbird, swallow, swift or Robin.

No buttercups or poppies swaying in the breeze.

No hedgehog, weasel, stoat or mole

Almost silence.

Just one sound.

The sound of property developers chewing then choking on money.
This was inspired by two things. First, I walk past hedges when I walk my dog. Filled with sparrows. Now, they are gone. Torn up by diggers. Secondly, a book called The Last Wild by Piers Torday. A powerful book about the loss of our natural world.
Donna Apr 2019
Today was lovely
I saw a hedgehog stroll by
Daisies they bloomed too
Catch up soon spending time with my family xxxxx we saw  a hedgehog today *** so so sooooo cute ❤️
Anya Nov 2018
I have a friend
She has a prickly
Lashing out at

Last year
She god a pet
It died two weeks later

Sometimes the shield we put up
Hurts us
Jennifer DeLong Nov 2018
I never thought I'd meet a animal
as unique as you
The moment , I saw you
my heart just knew
I was gonna love every minute
being with you
You were not mine as of yet
But you came to live with me
and so happy I was
You had the most funny
most goofy attitude
and you were the cutest
babygirl !!
Everywhere I took you
People got such a joy
from seeing you
Having a hedgehog
But not any hedgehog
I had you
I watched you explore
cooked up treats for you
I now miss those time
you poked me a time or two
I miss being awoken at night
You running on your wheel
scratching and burrowing
I miss holding you
That was the best
loving you watching you
sleep on my chest
I miss you my sweetest girl
Today , I had to say goodbye
It was the hardest thing to do
I now am lost
I wake up there's no you
miss hearing you play
you scratching about
It's lonely here
but your with me always
I know we will meet again
So keep chasing butterflies
And I'll enjoy our memories
We were quite a pair
Have Pippy will travel
Now what am I gonna do
Cause there's no replacing you
Forever my friend
Forever My Pipsqueak
© Jennifer Delong 11/11/18
My beloved babygirl my hedgehog passed away on veterans day ..She choose to pass on the same day my dad did 17 yrs ago.
I miss her terribly. She was a pygmy & lived 4 yrs , She didn't want to leave so she gave me another year..Always w you Always w me
Ryan Holden May 2017
As you tip toe
Through these leaves,
Crunches and snaps
Alert us of thieves,
Rummaging around
This narrowing night,
You popped up suddenly
You gave me a fright,
Silly little hedgehog
Appearing behind plants,
I feel a sudden warmth
I've soiled my pants.
Just a quick write I decided to make when a hedgehog appeared as I took the bins out haha! Just to clarify, I didn't soil my pants xD
Stanley Wilkin Sep 2016
I watched the fox, rat held firmly in its jaw,
Trot across the street, lithely avoiding the cars,
Ears pricked up.

It slithered under a fence and weaved through the undergrowth,
Not once acknowledging my presence.
Disappearing in the night, it yelped out its echoes in the wood
Licking out worms.

The shadowed moon slung down its light
Like weak silver bristles from the back of a carved out hedgehog
Covered with newly deposited fox saliva.
It had screamed as it was consumed-unable to die!

The crow stabbed at a newly dead rock pigeon
As the stalking cat pounced......
Death mingled!

Joe, who lived near me, waved:
I waved back, wondering why he saw nothing.

— The End —