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Ivy Leigh Dec 2019
It has been a bad day.
I took a nap in the morning
and was on my phone throughout the day.
I kept hitting on the pen
and avoided food in every way.
I did everything to keep quiet.
Sleeping helped keep the hunger at bay.
I didn't do a lick of reading,
but went to an appointment even though I wanted to stay.
The only thing that made me feel better
is when I masturbated in the shower.
But I thought of my ex-boyfriend,
and that his **** had superpowers.
Definitely not for him
Felicia Atanasio Apr 2019
last time i was hurting over you it felt worse
and the new cycle of sad songs that remind me of you
are happier somehow

someone told me something that made me realize
i've (on average) loved you harder than you've loved me
it was one of those painful reminders
that i've put a human on a pedestal and called them god
i came to realize
that people won't love each other simply, as we wish
you were neither the religious nor romantic solution to death

people won't love each other simply, as we wish
they can depersonalize a body
and spitefully ******* to your best friend
when they're ******* done with your apprehensiveness
and sickness
and your sick brain that didn't let you love
your parents sick brains
that they each gave you half of
Diana Garcia Sep 2018
Missing you as much as I do
Starting to premeditate all the ways I could drop a clue
In your presence is when I felt my loveliest
Tried to replace you cause now I’m at my loneliest.
Can’t forget how much you want me to get better
Your pep talks couldn’t have gotten me any more wetter

Lately I haven’t been able to sleep
Compared to you everyone just seems so bleak
I toss and turn and don’t realize it’s getting late
Can’t even bring myself to *******
I get aggravated cause I can’t get you out of my head
Especially when I picture that other ******* your bed

Then I remember all the childish things I did
Don’t want to let history repeat itself, god forbid
Our friendship might not ever be the same
But for that only I’m not the only one to blame
Why did you have to move on so fast
When you led me to think what we shared was something that could last
I’ve never wanted to try so hard
I wanted to be the only and last girl you brought to the yard.

Can’t seem to end this poem
My hearts pounding and all I can think is
“I can’t wait to show him”
You say my company isn’t something you’re missing
Can’t stop the tears as I watch the videos of us kissing
I captured a moment where you said
Those three words that put my insecurity to bed
Here we go again
Diana Garcia Jul 2018
I’ve got this massive ego
I need to deflate
Or else the only
time I’ll finish is when I *******
There’s apologies I have to make
But should they be heard
Should I write him or
send a bird
I might explode if I go unheard

But I should probably mind my business
So his baby mama won’t witness
The weakness we might share
What if the spark is still there
I’m not prepared, in fact I’m scared
His two beautiful daughters
don’t need to see that daddy still cares
Not just for their mama
But for someone whose not there

As far as I know
He’s unaware of how much I care
How sorry I’ve become
Don’t see myself being welcomed
Into his arms, into his home
****** up my chance
Now I wake up and feel alone
I want to atone

I pray she brings you misery
And you tire of her company
Like this fool broke his promise
Of matrimony..
I’m tired of being lonely

I’m tired of being late
So I lay awake
After I *******
I ask myself
Why did I wait?
Maybe I wasn’t ready
I think of him now
And I can’t keep my hand steady
Stare at the ceiling till my eyes grow heavy

The wettest of dreams
when I wake it isn’t as real as it seems

My heart sinks

It’s been so long.
Maybe it needed to go wrong
So I could write this sad song
Maybe I needed to get hurt
So I could see how much I treated you like dirt..
I’m sorry.. it’s like I had an epiphany

Ron Gavalik Jul 2018
Her kink was to watch
as I stroked one out in the car
in suburban parking lots.
One night, a guy in a ball cap
walked by. That poor man
was her unwitting accomplice
to ecstasy, but he just shook his head
as he strolled into the pharmacy.
I figured stroking was easier
at home on my own,
but that's the ****
we do to see
her smile.

-Ron Gavalik
Memory. Hit my Patreon.
I miss your *****
Almost as much as i miss your *******
I want you more than i can comprehend
These perverted thoughts i dont even pretend
Theyre not all i think about all day
Also i can honestly say
I ******* to her
At a massive rate
It blows my mind
How one of a kind
This georgious ******* girl is
Please oh please will ya be my miss
I swear ill be better to you
Than anybody ever you never knew
If you swear down youll be mine
Ill bring you flowers on valentines
Black roses that remind us of death and ****
Ill make sure you are aways well lit
High as a kite you know what i mean?
And dispite of how crazy it seems,
When i do finally greet death,
Hopfully overdosed on some neat ****,
I will be embraced by satan himself,
Out flys a glorious Anni
Chariot pulled by badass pegasi
She pulls out her mighty scabard
Slices and dices the decaying *******
wait wait went off track a bit
That last part...didnt quite fit
But im just obsessing
Seriously not messing
I want you so bad
It makes me so mad
I want you and all of you
Im not queit sure what to do
From there
But i dont care.
My one and only demand
I just want to hold your hand
wraiths Aug 2017
she's smackin' bubble gum between her molars
as he stares from across the room thinkin' of playin' with himself

neck kisses make his knees weak and his lower lip tremble,
so when she struts over and presses her mouth against the base of his throat
he can't help but whimper

a smile plays along her glossy lips and she leaves him empty-handed
Äŧül Oct 2016
****, **** as the world teaches you to,
And do not be ashamed that you do,
Nasty world clergy keeping you,
Keeping you rather restricted.

Wanking it off and easing the pressure,
Above *******, you always rise,
Not paying heed to their words,
Kiss oneself as much wished.

**** off your tensions and problems,
And do not be uncertain about it,
Nostredamus did it often too,
Kind of intelligentia do it.
Wanking off should be taught at school and it might improve female security.

It will help keep off potential rapists.

No male will ever become a ******, no girl will ever get *****, no human will ever sleep unsatisfied, no female will ever get pregnant when it's unwanted.

HP Poem #1221
©Atul Kaushal

A poem advocating *******.
Aurora Jan 2015
I almost always write when I'm sad
and that's probably because
when I'm not sad
I am not me, for I am just a sad human being.

When I am not me, I am not a poet.
I am a lover and a fighter,
and most of all,
I am a cold-blooded liar.

I take your "I loves you"s
and turn them to
"I'm leaving you"s

and baby it hurts

So I'll just cut myself
And *******
And call it a night

— The End —