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I love anonymous
*** with dangerous
That feel of excitement
And love making
I wish
To be with them all the time
At times
Make me moan
Allah u akhbar
Sweetly and softly
In your ears
As you make love to
**** me
And pleasure me
As we ******
Enjoy my body
Love it
Worship it
As I ride you fat
And long ****
So sweetly
I hope you come
In me
As I am *******
On you
Enjoy the candy ride
As lick and
**** the AK
As if it where your
I hope you
Come up
And alive ready for my mouth and
Let me
Your ****
As you hold my head there
I promise not
To bite it
Just like and **** it
As I finger you
In the *****
Cuff me to your
Run your tounge al over
My body
Stop at my *****
Lick around it
And then in it
As you rip my ******* off
Stand over me
Grab and mess
My hair up
As you shove
Your hardness
In my mouth *** and
**** me sweetly
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