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sara May 2018
I go off on a power trip;
sometimes I won't even notice it.
Like a train on the track at full speed
unaware that some people get motion sick.
I just find power an interesting concept
Cat Lynn Jul 2017
There’re are two paths going opposite ways
People travel these paths every day
The first path leads to a place of tears
people who take this path, reflect death like a mirror
Guilt haunts them when they do wrong
The memory of their sin creates a mournful song
People say you can do whatever you please, they say, “Come over here, join us!”
But a wise person knows down that path, people give into their lust
Most people who follow this path, don’t see the dangers around them, But those who truly believe in Christ can see through the fog
For they are the ones pulled out of the miry bog
                                                            The second path is thin and narrow
It is thinner than a golden arrow
There are very few who find this path
Those of the world look and laugh
This is the path that leads to life
It is full of danger, hardship and strife
There are trials on this path, it won’t be easy
But that gives no excuse, like the rabbit to be lazy
What’s so great about this path is that someone cares for you when you fall
Through the church, He sends out his gospel call  
He is all holy, powerful, and merciful
He is Author of the universe, and Creator of all the people
You must be born again through his holy Son
Who died on the cross – the victory won!
Devin Ortiz Nov 2016
I'm sorry you think me offended
I'm sorry you refuse to see
I'm sorry when I show you the mirror
that its white fragility you see
I'm sorry that I don't fit your narrative
that America is the greatest to be
I'm sorry that it hasn't been, not for people
like me
I'm sorry that you can't accept it's different

But I am not sorry for who I am
Nor am I sorry for what I believe
Not sorry for the truth
Not sorry for my protest
Not sorry for the bruising words
Not sorry for the wounded ego
Not sorry for the things to come
Not sorry that I'll never quit

Just sorry for you.
Tell me
If I’m wrong,
But haven’t we been here before?
We reach this same fork in the road
No matter where we turn,
No matter the distance,
No matter the time.
Tell me,
How many times
Will I have to make this choice
Between those two old foes,
Light and Dark,
Good and Evil,
The Better Man and the Fool?
Tell me,
How many times
Will I have to make the decision
To take the harder road,
The steeper path,
The journey more strewn with danger,
The straight and the narrow?
And tell me,
If I dare ask,
How many times
Will I fail?
You can find more of my poetry at
Stanley Wilkin Oct 2016
Black crows,
smothered jackdaws,
obsessing on religion-
******* on ancient ideas,
drowning in gloomy words.
God made the world to be lived in
not to escape from-
Mel Sep 2016
Sulfurous smell
Please seal your lips
Not a word you shall tell  
Nobody would heed your tip

Narrow mindedness,
Selective thinking
Has caused you blindness
Do us a favor - please stop speaking
Silence Screamz Jan 2016
Walk the narrow road
Total blind with time
Wicked trees tickle the spine
With air as still as the night

We encounter careless souls of the mindful dead
Placed there by each of us
Head torn and mind ******
We go there each day

Walk the narrow road
No looking back to see you
Not a second is spent feeling
or pushing back the heart

I wonder why it's gone
But all too soon
Eyes crossed with double vision
Venture past the door
Do we walk the same path or do we open another door?
Sydney Marie Sep 2015
Ive become
this permifried *****
this unintelligent underachiever
this messy mistake
The drugs in me now are nothing compared to what you did to me
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