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MSunspoken Jan 2020
I may be mute but I can promise you this,
I know better than most,
of this long dark abyss

I watch from afar,
all the mistakes that you make
and how you hastily cover them
adding icing on the cake

Though I may not be perfect
and my throat is made of ice,
I have a voice of silk,
simple yet precise

A house made of brick
I stand strong in the presence ,
of the tiny cardboard cookie-cutters
built weak without foundations

so kiss my hands
and bow at my feet,
bending to my will\
and admitting your defeat
Anjali Nov 2019
if freedom of speech
is the most prominent here
why am i mute

why is it that i
feel the pressure not to speak
when i can do so

i feel that all i
can do is stay quiet in
this loud enough room

i just am quiet
in this room of loud beings
letting voices speak

not much speak but scream
scream so i cant hear myself
so i'll be quiet

i try to go leave
but shockingly they notice
and the screams come close

i hide away from
the voices that can haunt me
because of volume

my ears are bleeding
somebody help me, i cant
leave the loud voices

is it my right
to be able to scream back?
i dont really know

i dont know if i
am allowed to scream back to
these scary voices

what if the voices
dont try to listen, what if
they silence my point

they probably will
i cant help but think they will
silence what i say

i wish i could speak
saying what i have to think
but i feel i can
freedom of speech
Marisa Sep 2019
Why is it that when I talk
People hate me
But when I’m mute
People love me

When I talk
I’m told that I’m
Too annoying
Too loud

But when I’m mute
I’m told that
I’m sad
I’m angry
I want to **** myself

So which do I pick?
I could choose to be me
And be loud and obnoxious
I could choose to be the person
That everyone else likes
And be mocked for being quiet

My friends worry
My bullies don’t mock me anymore
My mother is scared
The school doesn’t have to worry about cussing

My brother worries about my health
My teachers don’t notice
So I don’t care

I choose to be me
But the silent me
The one that laughs silently
The one that doesn’t go to parties
The one that doesn’t even have friends anymore

All because
I’m quiet today
Flower C Sep 2019
Weep my tears,
Wash my face,
Don't let them see;

Shut in your feelings,
Don't let it escape your lungs,
Mute your heart,
So they can't hear;

How foolish,
Tormenting myself repeatedly,
Knowing that it's wrong,
To make them believe that I am my disguise.
Azure Aug 2019
How did I become inaudible?

It's really loud in my head.

I want to stop feeling the images.

I want to stop hearing what you said.

I want to stop being a shadow.

I want to wake up from the dead.

How did I become invisible?

Is that why I can't see straight ahead?

How did I become inaudible?

When it's really loud in my head.

but the truth is, I am mute.

Can I be deaf instead?
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Shut mouth,
mute voice,
bruised mind,
scarred body,
fearful heart,
invaded privacy,
numb skin,
tear welling eyes
and invalid soul.
This is what you made
me feel by just one touch.
muteD May 2019
Sometimes I wish I would’ve stayed mute.
Which means I wish I didn’t talk
or converse.
I wish words didn’t fall from my lips
like a waterfall of
meaningless nothings.
Falling with swift abandon
and landing recklessly.
I just wish I would’ve stayed mute.
Being mute appears to be made for me.
My first poetry book is coming out next month!!
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