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Aurianna May 26
Sometimes you must break your own heart to remind yourself what love feels like
Aurianna May 26
Every time your eyes lock mine
Those three words float to the edge of my mouth
and dance along to tip of my tongue as they gently brush your lips
I’ve said it to you a hundred times as you slept in my arms
Ive whispered it behind you as you walked on ahead
You said you would be in trouble if you could read minds
Please don’t read mine
Just three words
That I can’t say to your face
That I tell you in little ways everyday
I lose myself In the way you look at me
Nobody’s ever looked at me like that
Truthfully I’ve lost myself in you completely
and I don’t want to be found
When did you do this to me?
I feel like I’m going to throw up
Maybe these are what they call butterflies
Why can’t I say it
First you took my eyes
And with it you stole my heart
It’s silent
Should I say it?
Hold it back
Then you stole my mouth, and my words were yours
What are you thinking about?
I said it
my chest is sinking and I’m drowning along side it
Can you feel my pain through my eyes?
The eyes you stole
My words are lacking now
My mouth is yours remember
I have nothing right to say
My heart it’s bleeding in your hands
Do you want it?
We’re you too scared to say it back or do you just not feel the same as me?
Aurianna Nov 2020
I love it when he's loud, and
I love it when he's bold.
I love it when he’s calm, and
I love it when he folds.
I love him for his words, and
I love him for his songs.
I love him for his rights, and
I love him for his wrongs.
I love it when he's passionate, and
I love it when he’s gray.
I love it when he’s all for me, and
I love it when he strays.
I love him for his warmth, and
I love him for his stare.
I love him for his depths, and
I love him for his care.
Aurianna Aug 2020
I didn't listen when you told me that continuing to give, to love so much without receiving anything in return...
Was only going to hurt me... but I insisted.
Now here I am, empty, and nothing left to give. With no one around to help me pick up the pieces of my broken heart.
I wish I listened.
Aurianna Aug 2020
always telling myself
i can do BETTER
almost like...
im not good enough for me
i wish
i could be proud
of myself
in the same way
i feel
when someone else
utters that same sentence
makes me feel
its not that im...
constantly searching for it
i try desperately
to fill that void
the same love
i give to other people
in abundance
it never feels
the same as when
someone else
looks me in the eye
and all you can see
is love
Aurianna Aug 2020
If my hands were numb to your touch,
and my eyes were blind to your affection,
I would still compose love letters for you with my lips.
For I could never piece together,
the perfect words that express truly how much
I care for you.
So instead I speak in tongue.
Breathlessly sliding my mouth in and out of yours,
like the pause in between a sentence.
You're a book I don't want to put down.
i write to express myself in a way i could never speak with my mouth
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