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mind that,
its okay
to be scared
to be better
even when
you're crying
stop running
from the storm
just embrace it
feel everything
fight all you
want, and then
face it
believe in you
trust yourself
free because
you need not know
where you're going
but because
you don't
need to know
let go
im free because i just let it go, fly with the wind baby
He is passionate
Overflowing with untamed emotion, magic slips from his
Fingertips creating masterpieces with his hands

He is fire
Dry throat, silent pleas, match to gasoline, uncontrollable
Skin devouring

He is love
Where nothing can become everything
A halo of light illuminated in a darkened room

He is balance
The kinda person who makes you feel like a sinner and a saint
All at once; You wanna see him happy even without you

He is art
His eyes compose irresistible stories but only to those who listen
His tongue an abstract painting, each stroke so intricate; delicate

He is sad
For he gives his love endlessly, concern is his language
He fears he's not enough, but hes so much more than he knows

He is a dreamer
In the eyes of the world doomed broken by design, all the things he Knew he was meant for; the sweetest ignorance of how to get there

He is familiarity
Sweeter than any childhood memory, you want to wrap
Yourself in his embrace, you feel like its something you know

He is
when you fall in love with an old friend, Wether it be Platonic or romantically, i will love you always
  May 9 Aurianna
Little Bird
I have memorized every inch of him
in hopes that when he goes
I might still have something left

but his picture fades with everyday
and now I have only shapes and shadows
of the man that I love
With love,
I have cried
So many times,
Hidden and silent.

I have stared
At nothingness,
Felt my heart breaking.

I have waited
For so many calls
From you that never came.

I have believed
Everything that you said
I guess some weren't true.

I have been left
By you waiting for
The things you said you'd do

I broke my heart again,
Because I thought, finally,
I'll stop being used by you
Looks like I'm gonna have to sleep
Hoping I'll feel less sad when I wake up.
  May 9 Aurianna
Leslie Withers
that breaking moment
when you find your soulmate
in the eyes of someone
who doesn't find his in
it's not much i know but i hope some people might relate to it and know they are not the only one's who are suffering from a heart-break <3
i want him like i want the sun; mornings are better when i wake up with him.
  May 7 Aurianna
Sythin Voxe
I often wonder,

when I look at you,

if Galileo felt the same way

when he looked at the stars.
You're my everything.
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