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Nov 2019
if freedom of speech
is the most prominent here
why am i mute

why is it that i
feel the pressure not to speak
when i can do so

i feel that all i
can do is stay quiet in
this loud enough room

i just am quiet
in this room of loud beings
letting voices speak

not much speak but scream
scream so i cant hear myself
so i'll be quiet

i try to go leave
but shockingly they notice
and the screams come close

i hide away from
the voices that can haunt me
because of volume

my ears are bleeding
somebody help me, i cant
leave the loud voices

is it my right
to be able to scream back?
i dont really know

i dont know if i
am allowed to scream back to
these scary voices

what if the voices
dont try to listen, what if
they silence my point

they probably will
i cant help but think they will
silence what i say

i wish i could speak
saying what i have to think
but i feel i can
freedom of speech
Written by
Anjali  13/Pangender/California
     --- and Anjali
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