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Vira Apr 2022
You do this to me
I was away from all the games of love
Trying to gather my pieces and find me my-self
You came and destroyed my entire wit and will
Proving to me that my resolute was next to nill
And I am left longing for you and fancying you every minute
From the moment you met my eyes, with love infinite
You are a gentle soul with the voice, sweetest
You teach me with the thought, kindest  
Full of talent and creativity!
Yet you need my attention? what a pity!
I am a plain jane, to your talents, unmatched
Human nature somehow is indeed complicated
Why o why
Am I worthy of your love? and what if I am not in love?
We perhaps fall in love with the idea of the person rather than the person.
Poetic T May 2020
Misplaced deliberations,
        oh where did  I leave you?

Like mislaid socks,
              I wear
mismatched thoughts

nicely fitting but not right.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
We walk around expectations
Dressed in shades of sadness colored blue
Smiles that keep us glued together
Not matching the rest of our hue

Our eyes betray silent agony
The stormy secrets hidden well
Wash me clean or strip me bare
From this temporary hell

Chase happiness while you can
Do not think it can always wait
The day you get around to it
Could be one day too late
We walk around with sadness and smiles that do not match our eyes
Crow Nov 2018
A creature not of here or there
With parts that do not fit
Neither fish nor fowl, horse or bear
A bashed together kit

Too many heads, some with horns
Body furred and scaled
Eagles wings and spines like thorns
And as a peacock tailed

Some aspects might bring a smile
While others will repel
One small detail may beguile
Yet another breaks the spell

Each pack or flock it tries to join
Though they seemed akin
And in some facet quite adroit
Another portion can’t fit in

Every time it tries as best it may
To hide an offending section
Knowing that if seen in light of day
The result will be rejection

So the beast remains an alien
Cloaks what's best concealed
Strives to imitate the chameleon
That no misshape be revealed

All creatures hunger for a home
Chimera hungers too
But it wanders doomed to roam
A haven to pursue
All of us are Chimera to a degree. But some more than others.
mismatched furniture
a few dishes in the cupboards
a couple random blankets and lamps
a pan and a mug or two in the sink
a broken clock above the fake fireplace
a fake jackalope head on the fireplace

a couple college kids' apartment
my brother and his roommate
it isn't much but it feels like home
duhastnach Feb 2015
I believed you
When you said that
It's you and me against the world

I was blinded by the thought
Of you and me fighting them
Side by side, with our hands intertwined
And our hearts as one

I tore down my walls
And built my dreams around you
Now I'm stuck in this nightmare
Breathing only anger
And self loathing
Delusional of the primer -
That this can be salvaged

You and I
We are too far gone
This, The us
We have and always been
Improbably fated
So I'm stuck in this dysfunctional relationship. I don't even know why I'm staying. I need to get out of this mess soon, this is slowly wasting me away.
Avery Glows Aug 2014
Your eyes, your face, your
They were all my favourites.
Your lies, your gaze, your perfect
I love thee too.
And those words, you would
in my ears.
They make me shiver
with delight.

I like to trace along the
raised scars
on your back.
Where your wings were
brutally ripped.
They felt
rough and ugly.
But no
you're not.

Was it painful?
Was it not?
When you fell
from above
In that one place called

Because I know it does.
When I did fall,
No not from Heaven love
it's Inferno and Hell.

— The End —