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Leisha Dias Jul 2020
Placed beside you
Or did I hypnotically walk to you
Was it a game of fate and destiny
Or was I simply charmed by your spell
Was I meant to be here
Or did I want to be here
All I can decipher right now is that,
I lie here and you beside me.
At such close proximity
Feeling you at every edge
Like two pieces of a puzzle.
A piece of puzzle with curves and edges
Rough curves and worn out edges
But did I really fit in?

I tried hard,
Just as I tried all these years
At all the wrong places
Chiseling my sharp edges into curves
Curves that would now fit perfectly
All the while, losing a part of me.
Just making me question,
Is this yet another wrong spot
Didn't seem wrong to the world
Then why do I still feel like a misfit
Like a square peg in a round hole
Or has this constant trying to fit in
Leave all my edges frayed
I no longer recognize anymore.

Still lying beside you,
Still dont seem to fit in,
Still questioning,
Is this yet another wrong spot?
J Harris Jun 2015
With chisel and hammer
I carve the length of your legs
and the width of your waists
and the bend of your arms
and the ***** of your shoulders
until I arrive at your brain
where I reach with chisel and hammer
until I come across your spring
of wisdom and knowledge
your fountain of thought and belief.
Sam M Gladen Jan 2015
Every time you leave me,
You take a piece of my heart,
But for all the pain,
I'd gladly hand you a chisel and show you where to start.
Beth Richter Dec 2014
And sometimes, sometimes the lack of tears is what's most frightening.

An impenetrable numbness that surrounds me.
Has molded around my being.
A hard shell that even a chisel cannot chip.

I am a stone. Cold, so cold.

When did I lose my heart?
When did I lose the ability to care and trust and feel?

Oh, to feel again.
The salty wet tears on hot rosy cheeks.
The rush of crisp fresh air filling my lungs, lifting me, enticing my smooth bare feet to take courageous steps on soft beds of grassy fields.

Where did that girl go? Carefree and whimsical. The girl who welcomed emotional instability. The ups and downs and all arounds are gone.

She has gone and I am here.
I am what's left.
I am the surviving soul.

My black, wretched soul.

— The End —