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Feb 2015
We met over the internet. And we're thousands of miles away.
I may have never held your hand,
Maybe I never really kissed you,
And I've never heard your voice, but...
I still want to be with you forever.
Everytime you post, I seem to smile.
You always know just what to say.
I should've never fallen in love with a boy outside of the internet.
They like to play with my heart.
They like to think everything's just a game.
They like to think my feelings don't matter.
The only reason why I left you,
Was because you were never online.
Well, I've realized that doesn't matter.
I want to be with you forever.
Nothing should come in our way again.
A love that stretches for miles on end,
Grows stronger everytime I hit "Send."
Written by
Echo  -----
     ---, NEELAM and Rex FortΓ©
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