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Char Blackmon Mar 2019
It’s hard not to think of you
Every millisecond I do
It’s hard to stay sleep at night
Visions of your face intrudes
It’s hard not to love you
You gave me the light
The truth
I use to be in a dark place
Not because of you
You brought light to my world
Now I have a different view
Travel the world
Go sleep under the stars
When I looked into your dreamy eyes
I floated above mars
I miss our shower time
Passion indescribable
Your laugh and dance move
So lovable
Cooking times
Family times
Weird ways
Not enough days
Simply just missing your grace
It’s hard
Yes so true
I’m evolving into
Something more than beautiful
Your spirit I feel
Countless days
Forever I do
It’s hard not to text you
Knows I want too
Heals all wounds
It’s hard
But loving you
Is not hard to do
Just two hearts
Beating as one
Do you feel it too?
forestfaith Jun 2018
i trust you,
i really do.
and i know you have been hurt before, i might not have a clue on what they did
but please.
would you take this chance?
i know everyone is untrustworthy, untrustable,
they can be, and that they can throw you away in the dump, and just glance at you before they leave you.
to only come back again, different.
and i know that you might not trust me back.
but, would you trust someone who wants you to trust him so badly,
that he just doesn't understand why you won't trust him.
i know that isn't me.
but would you, just this time,
to trust in God, after all this time?
helenbreeden Jun 2018
Did I fail the life I was meant to live?
In my mind I failed those who loved me.
All I’ve ever known is this darkness that surrounds my every thought.
Pushes me into the abyss and keeps pulling me in deeper and deeper.
Where am I?
As I fall deeper I hear a sound, over and over again.
The only voice beside my own speaks of nothing but broken,
Is that me?

Broken is what I’m known by,
And I cannot seem to wake myself.
I seem not tired or awake.
Where will I end up?
I feel no pain and sense no feelings.
Perhaps I am becoming nothing but the abyss.
Am I fading, or I am falling?
I feel wind across my icy cold cheek,
And as it caresses my cheek, only one thought pops into my mind.
Who was “Broken?”

As I landed on my face,
I felt pain for the very first time.
Although i could not see my surroundings
I could sense all the faces on my lifeless body.
I start to panic as i cannot move my limbs or open my eyelids.
I am trapped in myself.
I am “Broken” and i cannot fix myself.
me Dec 2017
I am the pebble
sunk in the clear slow spring
watching the warm sky
and the bright green grass beside

I am the pebble
low in the dirt murky water
cowering in swirling tides
when the banks are grey and far

I am the pebble
after the water has run dry
sighing into mud
while the sun rises round and hot

I am the pebble
at the eternal hour
melting fast to putty
just as the sky goes black

all i love i lose
all i know i feel
all i breathe i choose
Haniatira Mar 2015
Love me for me
Be with you was a fairytale's

Hey you

Maybe I should move on
I got you shut enough
Let me talked

Let me be somebody to you

*A whispers
I've no heart for love
People keep being desperated
For love

People dreams want to be billionare
But I want to be somebody to you

— The End —