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gracie Mar 2018
i'm sorry for the
love notes
for the roses
blooming beneath your bedroom
window, for the lies
hidden under
dewy leaves

i'm sorry for the
thorn in your
pride, for coming to
the coffee shop
for spilling honey and
my heart
on your favorite sweater

i'm sorry for the
careless smiles
for wearing my
yellow dress to make
you stare, for thinking
you'd keep
a lovestruck
Mujaheedah Nov 2018
As i lay low
On my bamboo straw bed
On this lonely night in the month of november.

The bats have come out to play,
And the mosquitoes are singing their songs
This beautiful moon has illuminated my room.

As inspiration flows with the coolness of the breeze,
A renewed strength entered my vein
As i begin to task my brain.

So why should i have a lazy pen?
I think of you in the dead of today
And memories started to unwind.

So i will write from now till dawn
Till the day leaves the night behind.
Mariah Wynn Aug 2018
I admit, I’ve never chosen you.
Falling in love is temporary,
love is a choice.

And I surrender to you.

You’re heart is grandiose.
In search of an asylum,
the delicacy of your love,
softens my core.
Peering into your soul,
through the earthy green
in your eyes, that spec of blood orange
a fire lights inside of you, hungry
to achieve a purpose.
I want to be your motivation,
be your motivator.
We could lose time
but we’d meet back at the equator,
once again, feeding the fire
that lights for you and I.
We’ve survived darkness
time & time again, lost.
In search of that dwindling fire
we find each other, nose to nose.
We are special,  We are young, We are beautiful, We are complex,
We are strong.
We are real.
Years spent, trying to navigate
the passion of our love.
We’ve rebelled against time,
against distance...
We are flawed, we are damaged.
But we are stubborn in love.

I hope I’m not too late,
I want a clean slate
I’m not holding back anymore.
For the first time, boo
I choose you.
To my ex
harley r noire Aug 2018
for Amore, the inamorata,
here's a song for the virtuosa
who made me go toccata.

love, for i am no stranger
to the thorns of roses
put me in danger
with your kisses.

love, for i am no freshman
in this school of love
take my hand to your van,
fly me high like a dove.

darling, this is not plain pain
call me absolutely pathetic,
yet the pain's polychromatic,

rolling in my old Mustang,
i can't help but trying to save
the bittersweet yet lovely tang
of you, and your love.

got me head over heels,
got me down on my knees,
Amore, i beg you please
heal this ache, put me in bliss.
tried a new style of writing. lots of cheese poured into it. tell me what you think.
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
My heart syncs with the ticking clock
You stepped through, our eyes locked
Eyebrows raised, a signal gave and
all time stopped.

Call an ambulance!

Thank you for saving my life
For if you haven't called
I would of died.
For I eat too much
processed food!
Just an attempt at humor :)
Ehab Jun 2018
Man and the philosopher's stone
Some wishes are better left unfulfilled
An attachment to life or a trepidation of death
Perhaps it's merely a weakness of faith
The desire to prolong the struggle that is life
Are aeons on earth even worth it?

One more day, one more month, one more year
It is never enough
For man is a greedy creature
He always wants more
Even when it is beyond the realm of the possibility
He hopes for a miracle

The emotional conflict
So gorgeous it is painful
Those electric blue eyes
It's all deception and lies
Yet somehow they ignited unfathomable feelings in his guts
That are slowly turning into an exquisite agony
Man is afraid his love for life is slowly turning into an obsession

Ultimate escape from this worldly life
Away from all the vice and violence
Eternal rest will be indeed so serene, so peaceful
Yet life is so **** beautiful
Call it naivety or lunacy
Man can't help but crave the latter
This is the first proper poem I wrote. Feedback would be appreciated.
Based on the Demon, Saerys,  from love and legends.
Talon Robinson Apr 2018
Who are you
Who do you think you are
Such a beauty
Making me feel quite odd
You're so out of reach
Yet within an arms reach
A look so complex
Yet so simple
A super cliche name
That fits you perfectly
I sound so struck
Yet you haven't attacked
You say let's take it slow
All I can say is how slow
You don't know it
But you mean a lot if this happens
If I make a poem because of you
soliana Mar 2018
in most pixar movies
or probably in the reality there is
we dont get what we want
we get what we deserve
and even though
we get what we want
its the will
to find what we deserve

and im ever so lucky to find it with you.
7:33 PM
She walks upon a higher ground
this I know
yet I allow my eye to wander
my mind to imagine
she does not choose to be there
it is simply how it is
she knows not her place
yet resides there alone
my soul, my heart meet her eyes
and in this deep well of rich blue
she reads me, absorbs me
as if I were a book lay open

I pity the next lonely gent
who dare look into those eyes
and not turn away
saving his heart for another
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