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In need to feel
more than mere
words poets press
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My Poems here
are a common
red blood bind
horizon heeding
from blank to grey.

Tips are starlit as
the most bold ink-lined
beautiful formation
of space & time.
bizzare, un-limited
falsificated classical
old blue ink evaporated
with digital evolution.

 Not aware of its-elf ~ existence
is sinking deep into my
tactile fingerprint cushions
    Once I see guidelines  
there's no hook to be
made out of necessity.
I add and add ad
infinutum and all
I see is Home.
Written by
Impeccable Space
She'll write in language
with impeccable letters -
to him her prime tongue!
Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic Love
Try to write in my native language (which is not English)
without mistakes . . . sweet English conqueror!

How can I trust you -
Flickering flame in storm-wind
That I don't lose light!
In this dark, cold, barren night
Where crickets crave sleep -
In cricks, in my chest, Thy song
Long forgotten - Now haunts me!
Created by
Impeccable Space
Poetic beauty
Once upon a time
she read many a day
    many nights

She thought about him
a charming ripe soul
  with magic palms

Sipping "The Poesis Ink"
  in just the right doses

Turning everyday
ordeals and ordinary
sighs of Love into a
Imagined by
Impeccable Space Poetess
Poetic silent admiration
Kruti Joshi Sep 2015
I wanted
To write about you
To paint your picture
With my words
To draw your
Almond eyes
To capture the wit
And life in them
To caress your face
Taking you in
With each stroke
To trace your lips
And the love they hold
To refine the subtleties
Of the many struggles
Your face bears testimony to

But you,
Oh you, are the reason
That I'm a poet
Without words
You were to be my masterpiece
My art, without color
For all the words in the world
Can't describe your essence
My love.
When deep indigo night
Releases magickal stars from the sky
And tenderly brushes them upon
Your mischievous smiles ~

Herself's stroked by this peculiar
View; then little naughty thoughts start
To conjur an irresistible wish borne inside her
*****: "You ~witty man~ deserve one lovely
Kiss on the left cheek." Then another one!

A kiss that's rarely seen ~ a soft one ~
A passionate one! Juicy, yummy charm ~
Resembling a wanton scented humidity
On the beautiful cherry blossoms day ~
On the other one. Right now!

Then at last our lips are lit; as wild
Woods strawberries ~sweet taste~ comes after
They bathe in the warmest sunshine rays.

Waiting to be consumed with
Adoration and gratitude. We are a gift! ~
To one Another. . . I hide bluntly in each
Others Love; and so do you.

We ~lost within our eyes~
Diving to unknown and unrevealed
Dephts, levitating above mysterious
Corners of shadows and light. . .
Only our souls know of.

At last, my love!
We humm, my heart is yours ~
Mesmerized; your heart is wide ~
We kiss, we breathe, oh my!*

To live, to dream a thousand times
And never forget: to live ~to love!
Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic love
She said
And she did A WWWWWWWWWWWWvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvLike a rocket
she glided
like a dream
                                          she was
a tapestry
a magic landscape
a canvas to your sensoric

you've caressed
her curves
like breezes gently
unleash pink dew
from blue grasses
managed to tame her
rage, untangle
ribbons and silk
'your eyes shine like stars'- she murmured . . . . . . .
then came a hurriccane
of you' passion Rising
s h        o   o       ti     n          c l       o            the                
as shattered roof tops
flying among bycicles,
stretching wild clouds as sweet
cat's opening her gems dim
beautique vision,

allured by the happening
acculated words
Written in-to Ether fro'
Free sword at last!         kitchen
table started to whirl among wild ducks

as swans
we have loved
as swans
after snow

Days to nights to dawn. . .
my darling floats: up and down
in and out. . . Body/Soul

*        *       *
SøułSurvivør Jan 2015

Sometimes it is
a cup of hot cocoa...

... or the lipstick on the cup!
Perhaps the whipped cream...?

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