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ranveer joshua Oct 2019
her hair swayed in the wind,
delicate and gentle

her eyes were like beads of honey,
just like amber and chestnut

her spirit soared like an eagle,
graceful yet powerful

she was like 'summer linen',
woven intricately;
flying in a field of sunflowers
Cat Lynn Jul 2019
Although I am always cold
Maybe I have burdened my self...
With too much linen to wear and carry?
Although it brings my warmth, it is slowly suffocating me...
Anastasia Jun 2019
blue chiffon roses
pink ones
made from tulle
from cotton
green ones made of wool
orange made from linen
purple made from flannel
but the prettiest ones of all
are the blue chiffon roses
Shadow Dragon May 2018
you make most of your mistakes on white linen,
but Im laying on red rose petals.
Poetic T Aug 2017
Linen sheets smelt like

As I hung there silently...
G Rog Rogers Aug 2017
Forever Evermore

Walk with me
     through fields of clover

Lay me down
      in sheets of linen

Let me see the dazzle
of the candlelight
in the brilliance
of Your ways

We will walk
      when all has answer

We will kiss
      beneath that tree

We will know
       all has come full-circle
              in a moment
                  just We between

Then remember
       to never say never

No never

For my love
will hold You always

On the crossing
and beyond the river

To that place
of Forever and Ever...

and Forever Evermore


How sweet the linen
that grandeur weaves,
unseen by other's untrained eyes,
yet seemingly hard to sew
into the fabric of our own
immediate lives.
n Sep 2014
you were broken glass
that i stepped upon
while barefoot

you ripped a shard
from your skin
and raked across silence

i was linen
that had been frayed
by careless promises
and shattered glass, like you

i was dragged
across your skin
and thrown away

for you had found
a girl of silk
who felt nicer dragged
across your chest
than i
lucky for me, i met a boy who finds linen beautiful, even once frayed.

— The End —