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Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
There is a whisper,
a voice so soft
that it goes unheard
amongst the bustling people.

There is a voice,
if you focus you will hear.
For it dances to different rhythm
and moves differently than other tongues.

It is a voice,
that speaks to you.
Whispers to you all day long
indicating what's good
and what's not.
It knows,
when no one else knows
what's right for you.

So learn its height,
learn its breadth,
learn its origin
learn its trail
and its ends
because it's all for you
to test.
The Sparrow Dec 2017
I write you with WorD and BreadtH.
But all WordS are not the same
upon each lip that speaks,
for each one comes from unique lungs,
the finger print of every BreadtH.
They say that God BreatheD life
into that first man
who was created by the WorD.
And life is never so near
as when we BreathE.  
For WordS are the shape
that each life takes.
xoK Oct 2014
I have known real torture.
Not inflicted by weapons or machines;
Not a drop of blood drawn.
Real torture is when you tell me
From a thousand miles away
That your nose is in my hair
That your arms and legs are intertwined with mine
And that your lips press my shoulders in the dark.

But in turn
I have also known great happiness.
And fullness.
And warmth.

Because I have truly experienced you.
LDR life.

— The End —