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Desire Dec 2018
Anya Dec 2018
A moment of peace I call it
Rather, in a rapidly moving tornado
A single coherent thought
may  be called a moment of peace
Yet here,
Sitting on this hard wooden chair, strong against my back
It is not quite,
a moment of peace
For in this case it is not the tornado,
that gives me reprieve
But I myself,
Choosing to ignore it and let it
at the back of my mind and
Come back to bite me
MicMag Nov 2018
That's it, I'm done, not once more
I'll never put things off again

I push work back at every chance
My secret slothful sin

Well now I'm through procrastinating
It's time to change my ways

But I don't have the time right now
Swear I'll quit one of these days!
PAD Poem-A-Day Challenge November 2018

"Tired of _____"
Kore Sep 2018
redskin, cheekbones, upturned eyes
you call me names, pick apart my features
there's much for you to analyze

none of it good enough
even as you slit my belly and take my skin
you think me rough

wearing me like a hood you become
Pocahontas, Matoaka, Indian Princess
you think the thrum of your blood is the sound of a drum

you consume me, trick yourself
Redskin Princess
it's almost halloween and i'm already tired of pocahontas cosplayers
Karmen Sep 2018
Long drive to make it home
Long road to be filled with ton of thoughts
Wish I could only raught
Although I have moved on
Not one I'm too fond of , maybe thought ,
One you may not know as defined
After all no one mind thinks same
Or nearly sane
Sorry to say, makes you awake
Haven't foresaken his name
Wish I could say, cause he's the one to have made me partly this way
Not H'E' who is 'all great'
I don't speak of him in vein , I call him flame of twin
Still high hopes of reunite.....
The rest to this writing will be posted in new posts . On another day .
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
'Later' winks and seduces
so you neglect the 'Now'
Live in the now!
Lyn x
Elizabeth Zenk Aug 2018
Stuff your mouth with food, so that you can stop your crying.
Don't think twice about the effect it will have.
You'll take care of that later, my dear.
Trust me.
Helena Jul 2018
when your eyes
start turning green
and the dawning sun
lays dead upon them
You will ask about my dream
And I will tell you

When words don't suffice
to fill the voided skies
Between worlds built
On separate minds
And then I'll try

When the rivers run too
And you no longer listen
Tara Jun 2018
Look away when you depart
If you look in their eyes
You’ll never leave
Perhaps exchange a hug
But then I’ll never want to let you go
With one sad tear
Either held within or rolling out
I wave a see you later
Even if I know I won’t
I’m used to goodbyes and see you laters. We all have to leave eventually, even the ones you love.
clever Jun 2018
One day we’ll wake up and call each other.
Our voices will be monotone.
We won’t really have anything to talk about.
We’ll go through our photos.
Make ourselves see how good it was.
We’ll look at each other and see why we fit.
Determine the pros and cons of staying together.
It’s just not that good anymore.
It’ll all end that way.
Not because anything is dreadfully wrong.
We’ll just be bored.
Everything will go back to how it was before.
Except that we won’t be a couple.
Just two people who coexist.
I can talk to guys at bookstores and fall a little bit in love with a perfect stranger every day.
You can pick up girls at the baseball field that you always thought were better than me.
But we’ll always have us.
For now, let’s stay us and hold off until later.
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