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Katelyn May 5
I’m stuck in a rut
unable to escape
Full of shallow words
with no rhyme or rhythm
lacking structure
scratching the surface
with no hope of redemption
My words carelessly strewn
leave nothing to the imagination
as deep as a gutter
as full as a strainer
as meaningful as my life
will i ever get out
  Jul 2020 Katelyn
The clock is stuck at 3:33 AM,
my mind is stuck in yesterday

I drink a glass of water,
and wait for my heart
to stop bleeding

My soul weeps,
but I don’t stop writing
  Jul 2020 Katelyn
I am the sunflower that
grows in your garden,
and worships you like the sun
Katelyn Jul 2020
I know I know I know
Human emotions are simply complex;
I understand but can’t control them.
Every second is different
I’m in the middle of polar opposite
thoughts and emotions.
I’m happy;
I want to be dead.
Bipolar milliseconds
are draining my core.
  Jul 2020 Katelyn
Carl Joseph Roberts
Lost Memory

Today I lost a memory
And that memory was of you
I will no longer search my soul
For that memory once so true

Your memory no longer takes my days
Nor fills my dreams each night
For those memories have been washed away
With this start of my new life

I no longer feel the hurt
My once troubled heart is calm
For all the pain that I once felt
Has been washed away with time

I know now memories can be lost
And replaced with something new
For today I lost a memory
And that memory was of you

Carl J. Roberts
About letting go of the past and beginning a future.
  Jul 2020 Katelyn
Somewhere in my memory there is a smile
One that has to hurt cheeks, one that barley fits a face
Somewhere in my memory there is a dirt road
And there is you
just ahead of me, you, looking back
You are wearing it with the streaming sunlight
Dazzling, moving in slow motion, my memory,
Gliding looking back at me smiling
And I can feel it, the tension of my own cheeks
The pull the of the moment
That somewhere in my memory I go to
when someone says your name
Like a small second long movie clip
Projected in front of me
While it folds into reality
The edges yellowing in the blue sky
And gravel road, the bubbling of the scene
Like a film roll burning mid show
Shaking me back to whatever in the present
Demands my attention

Somewhere in my memory there are fast food wrappers on the dash
They are faded and forgotten, sun bleached
Somewhere in my memory there is you cradled in the passenger seat
Leaned back, sipping on a slur-*** cup
Laughing at joke I cant remember

Somewhere in my memory the parking lot lights
Are only stars we were gonna get that night
Somewhere it starts to rain
I smell it through the open window pane
Thick and filled with nostalgia
The way every moment I have with you ever was

Somewhere in my memory you are crying, folding in on yourself
Knees to chest head buried,
somewhere I am sorry
Somewhere back there deep there are things I cant change
Somewhere in my memory, I'd like too

Somewhere in my memory I am posing cliff side
Crooked smiled and sun burnt, somewhere you have that camera
Pushed to your face concentration hidden beneath
Lens adjusting hands, lip bit and beautiful
Somewhere we ask for someone to take one of both us
Where it hangs not just in my memory but on our wall

Somewhere in my memory there was a time when you are not
Somewhere there are good memories that are missing you
And although I wish you could have been its not the truth
But From now on I wont have too

Somewhere in my memory there will be this moment
Me, wide eyed breathless and hanging on it
You beautiful and smiling through it

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