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Bob Aug 2018
In a world where two people get down on their knees
Both in the business of selling themself
Both hoping to be blessed for the work they put in
One called a preacher
The other a *****
But only one is seen as a sinner
And one gets paid to say what anyone can read
I been around both so I'll speak for me
Ten percent seems high just to sit and listen for sixty minutes twice a week about a make believe world that nobody will ever be able to say it even exist for sure
I'd rather pay alittle more and get straight to point with the working girl
Sweaty men in cheap suits don't do much for me
Besides I need the relief of a release

Their worried  because she has kids
Talking **** as they drop their kids off to Father Ben
Never noticing the nuns
That's mental and physical abuse showing on their face
She's trying to get paid
While the church gives millions to cover up their peodphile ways
Moving them from place to place
Making the devil take the heat
Is that why the devil even exist
So you religious sinners have someone to blame

Black people being racist
Then crying about slavery
White folks mad because they will soon be the minority
Campaigning for a white lives matter movement
The Spanish stay yelling P.R or NY
Not sure why they even moved
Straight people angry cause they can't go both ways
Gay people hating for still being blamed for creating aids
Old don't like the new
And the new to dumb to have a clue
It's all petty **** and a waste of time
Like voting for an election of any kind
They control us by keeping the hate between us
Because I bet if religion didn't make a dime
Religion would be gone faster then the evidence they had aboit JFK being shot
Look back and see the past got us here
Now look ahead with a different plan
Respect yourself to remove the label they selected for you
Give these kids hope for a bright future
Or might as well give these kids the rope so they don't suffer in the future
Please feel free to give honest feedback
Autumn Lewis May 2018
I don't want you to hate me but you do
I don't want you to leave but you did
I just want what we once had
"I'm here for you and I always will be"
"I won't give up on you , because I love you."
Now it seems I'm as meaningless as the milk you pour on your cereal
What happened to laughs and camping and telling me stories?
What happened to tickling my feet to see me smile and saying one day I'll be great and find love?
I'm replaced in your heart with
"Why aren't you as good as him?" and "I hate you , I despise you."
I just want my true dad and his love...
I guess people will just have to keep labeling me with "daddy issues"
And maybe I do have them but they won't stop until he does.
This is not like my usual poem I could have rhymed but I didn't
I just needed to release some things
Sixteen years old
Another night
Another one
FADL guard*
She smiles
the leather belt
around the stomach
is tight
i can see
the sun set
through the window
with the lock
it hurts
in my heart
my cracked

I break down
in tears
and I tell her
about the assault
about the humiliation
that now
on the seventh day
to derive stools
in a parcel tray
in a flask
with both hands
in leather
by force
with anesthetics
denied all movement
Deprived of all freedom
deprived of all dignity

She smiles
while she
my hair
and softly whispers
the doctor is on his way ..
He's bringing anesthetics...
* FADL = danish union of medicinal studies, used to do graveyard shift at mental instituitions.
Hanna Kelley May 2016
I don't care who you are, if you judge people for a living then I recommend that you take a long good look at your life because if you are taking that time out of your life to criticize other people for being someone that they want to be then you need to fix yourself. Fix your mind set. Fix the way you see the world because who ever taught you that being yourself is wrong did not teach you right. I will not judge you for wanting to be a different gender. I will not judge you for your beliefs and religions. I will not judge you for the clothes you wear or the music you listen too so why the **** should you be able to judge me? I as so sick of being looked at and automatically labeled. If I wanted to be labeled then I would label myself.
Katlyn Orthman May 2014
See this heart encased by imperfect skin
It masks the beauty that is locked within
Because society has no eyes to look inside
At the beauty that commercials hide

We see perfection as an image to high
That we fight to make ourselves try
to be something that will never make sense
In this sad world that encourages this

We hear names screamed out at us
to morph us into something, while society laughs at us
It's telling us if we fit the role
then maybe you'll be considered full

They tell you to be yourself then list out what to change
And if your opinions are different you're suddenly strange
If you don't look or act or live a certain way
Then you're automatically cast out and shamed

Hold your head up high and press on
Because I won't be conformed to a society
That's hiding me
Because I'm not who they say I should be

— The End —