Steve 5d
I'm the bottom of the pit I allowed myself to fall into
With no rope
What's the point of hope
Free falling part 2
I just need a beat to sing to
I would pray but these days
I'm closer to the devil
Stepson of satin lost in lust to the next one to give it up
Take the shovel and save the world
Bury the evil so the good carries on

Rain washes the blood away
Cleans the scene so it's ready for the next
Which we always act surprised by
Add another lock on the door
Gun in our drawer
Turning our home into a jail
Never realizing who the inmates are
False belief on thinking we're in charge
Celebrating victory to soon
Check the clock
It's lunch time
Be ready to surrender when the day resumes

These days life is out of our hands
Kids shooting for a few dollars
Grown men kill to feel tough
Women completely flipped
Shooting shit just to make sure the trigger works
Shell casings litter the ground
Right beside needles and dope bags
Across the street from where a group of kids play
Ten miles from the tracks that once divided this town We're over that now
Cause everybody uses now
The drug addicted city
Not a piece of copper to be found
Every time a dealer comes through it's a sell out event
Can someone tell anyone we need help
A city going under
New Orleans minus the water
Guess we'll wait till it's to late
You know when people finally wake up
I wish this one was one I made up
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Steve Aug 11
I'll never face my biggest fear
I can be at ease knowing the search is forever over
Best friend and soulmate
A beautiful woman to make me feel young as we grow older
Your my rock so let me be your anchor
Keep us safe through the storms
And I promise when the skies clear
We'll both will be wearing captain hats
For without you this boat loses hope
I would sink in sadness trying to drown myself in liquor
But together we can be what Jack and Rose should've been

My nurse and doctor
Teacher and principal
Strongest challenger and loyal teammate
My lover who doubled as life's tour guide
Warm blanket or cool air
Confidence enhancer
My good side
My sanity keeping me level headed
The reminder to my forgetfulness
Intelligent, amazing, beautiful woman
Who if was given the world would take and divide it up
My unselfish queen
I refuse to say goodbye
It won't be long till we're together again
I'll see you soon
Please rest now
No need to worry
I'll be ok as I finish up
Make sure everything's in order before I'm called upon
I thank you, I love you
Now you go and make heaven shine brighter then ever
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Steve Aug 10
When he was eighteen
Went to his mom to confess
Mom I'm gay
All I do is think of men
Dream of two or three at a time
From Sunup till forever
Staying on my  knees never getting up
I'm going amputate my feet
Donate them to an amputee
Not one to be wasteful
Hope this don't make you sick mom

Called his father who answered just to scream
Don't call me fag
Then the familiar sound of the phone hitting the ground
Starts laughing cause this happens every time he calls
Six hundred spent on replacements
His mother goes to interrupt he cuts her off
Mom there's more
I'm addicted to gay porn
To the point I seen everyone
Now I watch straight and my stomach turns seeing the girl
Would've told you sooner but I didn't want you to be like dad
Your all I got
But I been busting nuts for years staring at men's butts
One day, and this bad
But I almost raped the mailman
But Saved by the Bell came on and Zack is my favorite
Hope I haven't let you down
I hope you still love me
I hope.... She cuts him off

With a long strong  embrace
Few tears falling down her face
Love whoever you want
Be with anyone you choose
I'll always want what I always wanted for you
Just to be happy
You have never disappointed me
Until now
Remember those nights when you was five
I sat and held you to calm you after your father left you
The anger you had at fourteen and took out on me
The lost time we had cause of the two jobs I had in order for us to make it
But most important
Don't you remember the most important thing I taught you
If you did you wouldn't be sitting here telling this story
It's a good one and if I wasn't so hurt I would make you prove it
I can't believe this is how you do me knowing I'll die fighting for you
This ain't your first lie but it's by far the worst lie
I'm seeing what I always been afraid of
You being like him
She came by today to let you know in person being you quit taking her calls
You were gone so she told me that you should know
She's not pregnant
But now what bothers me more is
What if she was
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Steve Aug 8
In a world where two people get down on their knees
Both in the business of selling themself
Both hoping to be blessed for the work they put in
One called a preacher
The other a whore
But only one is seen as a sinner
And one gets paid to say what anyone can read
I been around both so I'll speak for me
Ten percent seems high just to sit and listen for sixty minutes twice a week about a make believe world that nobody will ever be able to say it even exist for sure
I'd rather pay alittle more and get straight to point with the working girl
Sweaty men in cheap suits don't do much for me
Besides I need the relief of a release

Their worried  because she has kids
Talking shit as they drop their kids off to Father Ben
Never noticing the nuns
That's mental and physical abuse showing on their face
She's trying to get paid
While the church gives millions to cover up their peodphile ways
Moving them from place to place
Making the devil take the heat
Is that why the devil even exist
So you religious sinners have someone to blame

Black people being racist
Then crying about slavery
White folks mad because they will soon be the minority
Campaigning for a white lives matter movement
The Spanish stay yelling P.R or NY
Not sure why they even moved
Straight people angry cause they can't go both ways
Gay people hating for still being blamed for creating aids
Old don't like the new
And the new to dumb to have a clue
It's all petty shit and a waste of time
Like voting for an election of any kind
They control us by keeping the hate between us
Because I bet if religion didn't make a dime
Religion would be gone faster then the evidence they had aboit JFK being shot
Look back and see the past got us here
Now look ahead with a different plan
Respect yourself to remove the label they selected for you
Give these kids hope for a bright future
Or might as well give these kids the rope so they don't suffer in the future
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Steve Aug 8
First day of first grade
Learning my a ,b, c's
But still had velcro shoes
Knew my colors and numbers
So I was a know it all
Untill that bell rung
Found out something that changed everything
Tommy told Timmy and he whispered it to me
I never been so scared
It was the worst ever
Before mom could stop and aginest the teachers ordes
I was at her car door
Being over dramatic she says
No not the big C son
It's the cooties mom
Pulled into the driveway and she leans to me
Cooties ain't real and girls are not a disease
It's ok to be friends with everybody
But just incase I'll give you a cootie shot
Circle circle dot dot....

First day of sixth grade
New clothes, new shoes
I felt grown and so cool
Laughing with friends at lunch when I hear
Can I sit here
I turned mute so I just noded my head
This girl was god sent
Tongue tied and in love
Feeling nervous and starting to sweat
She talked and I tried
She asked questions
All I could do was smile
Didn't notice my mom waiting holding up the line
Gave one word answers to her hundred questions
Pulled into the driveway
She gasped
No not another case of the big c
Looking back it was funny but I was to nervous to laugh
Explained how I thought she was to pretty for me
Out of my league
Pulled in the he driveway And she leans over
Nobody will ever be to much of a good thing for you
Show the confidence that you hold in
Besides what's the worst that can happen
You make a cute friend
But just incase your still uncertain
Make sure tomorrow the seat next to you is empty again

Freshman year
Can't believe first day of high school
Beginning of my last four years
Spent the summer trying out for the baseball team
Basketball second period
Coach Sims told me good chance I would make the varisty team
My head grew bigger and my walk changed too
Seen April and I walked right up
Asked her to homecoming
My God she said yes
The greatest day ever
Seen mom in line
Couldn't wait so I ran
Begin explaining everything
Making the team, the dance, basketball
Not taking a breath till we got home
Pulls in the driveway and I'm halfway out when I noticed
She only responded with a smile
I turned back and see tears in her eyes
I lean over and wrap my arms around her
Mom don't start lying to me now
Tell me what's wrong
What she said next was the hardest words had ever hit me......
Son I have the big C
Steve Aug 3
I sit here watching the world go by
Trying to figure out how and why
Grown man crying like a child
Without a clue and a dollar
Stole food to feed my daughter
I'm fighting hard not to pull the trigger
A worthless man with a loving soul
But his actions causes others to be blind
He ain't asking for much
But he been asking for so long
They don't even bother to answer
as they stroll on
Dirty with a smell  
No chance of anybody  inviting him in
Last nights temperature was forty two
Used his cardboard sigh to start a fire
Little girl needed heat
Then he rocked little girl to sleep

Fresh new day
Fresh new start
Fresh new outfit and shoes for the kids headed back to school
Then theirs her
Asking why as smoke from smoldering ashes fill the sky
He's left completely hating life
Feeling like shit he can't provide
Mad at his wife for dying to soon
Cussing his ex boss for laying him off
Worked twenty one years and never knew
How close he was from living in the streets  
Reality hits hard
Wraps his arm her as he kisses her forehead
Whispers baby it will get better
I promise you  
With a smile she answers
I know daddy
Because your superman

How great it would be for the ending to be happy
But in this case it ain't happening
Out one morning begging for food, work or something to help them by
When an argument with a pissed off woman, who was tired of seeing these bums around, went bad fast
She called the cops
Screaming she's been attacked
No marks, no blood, no witnesses
Yet he sits at 33rd street
Time ticking by and it's turning dark
With no options he let's them know
DCF picked her up
State handed him another case
Judge ordered eight years as he slammed that hammer
Stood silent in tears seeing her image clear
I love you and please forgive me he says
Before making it four steps from where that judge sat
Thirty seconds and four bullets later his life ended

Three beeps as regular programming was interrupted
Everybody stops to hear
A Homeless man who forced his daughter to sleep in the woods and brutally attacked a woman  was shot and killed in a courtroom today
Everybody but that ten year girl
All she heard was
Your dad is dead
Tune in at 6 for more on this story
Steve Aug 1
To old for tricks
No patience for lies
Over this shit your stuck on
A past you can't move past from
Been awhile since you been worth your weight
From 36 to 28's
Almost able to fit in the tube
you try to hide
Look at you like I'm confused
Go ahead paint your face
When you talk all I can do is count along
One lie, two lies , three lies
Your mouth is the car
Your words are the clowns
A bad joke , Yesterday's news
Like the milk that gets stuck in the back
Forgotten now rotten getting tossed out
Close the curtain
Your act is played out
Doing the same thing today you did in eighty nine
Saying the same lies with the same lines
Twenty plus years and still you wonder why nobody puts their hand out
Ain't nobody got time for that shit
And damn sure nobody buying your shit
Clean yourself once more with blood Jesus shed
Sing one more Christian hymn as you post a quote that supposedly Jesus said
Just to go back to the same ol when that hour ends
Being your my friend I'll pray for God to be a blind man
Cause if he sees the sins you do you'll never get in
Maybe with every hit you let the flame heat your skin
Have yourself use to the fire that awaits you in hell
You could be the first to defeat the devil
Fire can't burn feces
So I guess being full of bullshit benefits you
But as far as we go
I'm calling this the end
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