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To love, is like holding a handful of sand.
If you squeeze it to tight
It'll slit right out between your fingers.
Remember we are all born free.. nobody owns anyone..
They say I'm crazy
I say, I became
exactly what I was fed with
They call me a criminal
I call myself
A merchant!
They say I'm impassable
I say they are ignorant
and I forgive them
That Struggle
I willingly take
is not
in vain
that they over time
will forgive
maybe even praise
the pounding I took
for us...
I Am A living, breathing human being.
not a firm!
I apply to natural law only.
I thought i knew
but now i know
I'll never know
Forever learn.
I, am the action
What you see, right here and now
Is only my words.
i create what i speak!
I saw
into the eyes of "leader"
Saw the love
for the money
and the power
not the people
I saw how
he misunderstood the concept..
Every true leader, will be one with it's followers.
Just a signature
and the life, we used to know
burst to implosion.
everything, could be changed with a signature.
Am Balanced
for that
should be thrilled

Make no mistake!

I am
Only this good
cause my understanding
of evil
is complete.
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