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For my free thought anxiety,
I do like reading Web MD,
For medical catastrophes,
But what to do, in reality,
Send them off to a good GP,
For accurate diagnoses,
Then stop reading Web MD!
Feedback welcome
julianna May 2018
Isn't it funny that one word can scare so much?
I dropped another d-bomb on my family yesterday
Hey guys, I have a third diagnosis, yay!

I know I sound sarcastic.
The truth is that I'm happy
I'm broken, that I know
But this time,
there's a word to describe how I broke.
Sixteen years old
Another night
Another one
FADL guard*
She smiles
the leather belt
around the stomach
is tight
i can see
the sun set
through the window
with the lock
it hurts
in my heart
my cracked

I break down
in tears
and I tell her
about the assault
about the humiliation
that now
on the seventh day
to derive stools
in a parcel tray
in a flask
with both hands
in leather
by force
with anesthetics
denied all movement
Deprived of all freedom
deprived of all dignity

She smiles
while she
my hair
and softly whispers
the doctor is on his way ..
He's bringing anesthetics...
* FADL = danish union of medicinal studies, used to do graveyard shift at mental instituitions.

— The End —