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girasol Mar 2020
in the end
after you’ve exhausted every word
when it’s time to move on
you do
girasol Nov 2019
I am kind
I am compassionate and understanding
People know when I love them because I love hard
I am caring
I listen
I acknowledge
I give feedback that doesn’t hide the truth but isn’t harsh
All these things I am
For others
But not for me
girasol Nov 2019
The hardest part is not that I miss you
The hardest part is not that I think about you constantly
The hardest part is not that I fantasize about you
The hardest part is not that I still love you
The hardest part is that you don’t have the courage to fight for me
The hardest part is realizing that although you act like a man, you’re still only a boy
The easiest part is realizing I’ve outgrown you and your insecurities
girasol Sep 2019
means allowing yourself to give up
means breaking your own heart to save whats left
means forgiving
means gifting yourself a chance to heal
girasol Sep 2019
Daily conflicts between I miss you and I need to love me more
You disappear when your world is perfect
You reappear when you're alone
I've been constant  - always present
Always ready to give you all
I said no more
I am not an option you get to choose
girasol Apr 2019
Not it
The game my heart plays
With your disorienting love
girasol Mar 2019
His eyes are a different color
His hand in mine feels odd
His words sound familiar
His strength more obvious
His love more secure
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