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Mayank Garg Jul 2020
Rishton ke naam bhi kitne ajeeb hote hai

Kehne ko toh voh dost hain

Par parivaar se jyada kareeb hote hain
(randomly drawn years gone by
without gifted with pipe dream *** of gold)

Paradise visage and eyes
   a bulge with dollar signs
   whetted imagination
   PowerBall ticket bought

expected usual outcome
   after next drawing
   to yield monetary naught
temptation for instant millions

   human foible to reach
   elusive *** of gold
   streak of universal desire  
   potential riches
   overtook rational self

   delusions of grandeur caught
aloud, enabled and provided flirtation
   illusory fate to experience rich draught
envisioned emancipation
   nondenominational penury
   distant battle fought
attacking hard scrapple existence wrought!

At core
precious legal tender chronically
   short supply within
   this (then) family of four
though hard times, eye desired at least
   another son or daughter
urge (long silenced this ram

   ewe who) vehemently didst roar
boot budding young girls
   I whole-heartedly loved and adored,
who rushed into opened arms,
   whenever back from trivial pursuits

   nearly squeezing out digested gore,
when casually and nonchalantly
   turned key to open front door
akin to finest crafted clock work
   sounding time of day

   they danced and frolicked
   like kittens or puppies
   bringing newspaper and/or
   dem golden (ha) slippers
   sharing silly concocted faux pa lore

inviting me to play
   make believe games on floor
enjoying revelry
   without keeping score
yet…creating memories
   I forever store!  

Financial straits
   made unsettled existence hand to mouth
   fantastically generated grandiose aspirations
   successful life frequently headed south.

Creative endeavors
   found excitement and linguistic pleasure
   thru attempt to pry poem
   or prose from mind
deliberated semblance to communicate

   and extract idea from cranial rind
words synchronized suitably
   in poetic third eye bind
readers may espy hidden puns
   within rhyme lined

with challenges or commiserate
   and complement
   via words of positive kind
although large sum of money
   would be dog send

   delivered by one
   blessed angel in disguise
   redemption and salvation
   rued bing considerate regarding
   thankful escape out poverty grind.

Much rather be cursed
   with excess wealth
deliverance to life,
   liberty and mental health
depravity foreign concept
   never to rue by stealth,
nor can money buy spiritual wealth!

— The End —