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Mark Toney Oct 19
In the womb
In labor, boom!

Her he enabled
Now she's disabled

Travel to Mars
Next stop stars

Math Test
Don't be hysterical
It's only numerical

Long awaited summit
Ascend or plummet?

Unlikely Nexus
Hooked on drugs
Lack of hugs?
6/9/2018 - Poetry form: Six-Word Couplets - Over the last year I've been intrigued by the "six-word story," which has gained popularity, including the 2006 Six-Word Memoirs® project. What about a six-word couplet? This post consists of a total of six different six-word couplets. Each couplet is preceded by its title. - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
A Watoot Apr 2015
I choose to remain calm in life
I choose to pacify my anger and hatred
I learned a lot by listening
and destroying hatred with love.

We must understand that
The said nexus is real.
Without war, there won't be peace,
Without hate, there won't be love,
Without death, there won't be life.
Because this is reality.

I can turn the tables if I must.
I can consume you with fire if I want.
I can destroy you- leaving your heart in tiny fragments
Like shrapnel stuck in the undwelled parts of your body.

But reality's deeper than these.
Reality's deeper than me.
Reality is all within us.
Accept it as it is.
Never fight with the nexus.
Hold on to it, but do **destroy the hatred inside you.
My first ever Naruto inspired poem :) teeeheee

— The End —