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Sal AK Apr 28
I write because...
I can bleed onto something pure
with no judgment or shame,
it does not seek to heal my wounds
nor does it yearn to wipe my tears
it accepts my flaws and imperfections
and allows me to paint my sorrows
to say my words
to feel my pain.

At the end, it is changed forever
no longer pure
no longer blank,
it carries the burdens of my world
with no guilt
with no judgment
with no shame.
And so I write...
Sal AK Apr 15
When happiness fades
faster than a stranger’s smile,
Only love can make your darkness weak
and your burdens light
Sal AK Apr 12
Give me a thousand kisses
In the midst of the darkest night,
Find the bridge from my heart to yours
Let love be your guiding light
Sal AK Apr 12
Today is April 2nd
The love is there no more
Truth all that is left,
Was I the fool to love
Or you to believe it,
Was it a moment's bliss
Or an eternity of pain...
Sal AK Mar 9
As I am
As you are
As we were before trying to fit into a shapeless world
We found a place in each other's heart...
As we are
So flawless
So effortless
We fit into the shape of love.
Sal AK Jan 16
It's a feeling
To see beauty in its purest form
To be seen in the most natural self, LOVE
...and to be LOVED.
Sal AK May 2020
When your existence is weaponized
Your suffering legalized
Your revolution criminalized
But your ****** televised

Stop and think...
Maybe the world knows your worth
Wants to dim your light of pride
Make you forget your history
Force your greatness to hide

But never forget,
When the world was striking fire from stones
We were kings and queens of emerald thrones
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