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Sal AK Mar 16
the world became a dark place
when my dreams came true
along with my nightmares.
Sal AK Nov 2023
How can you tell me it wasn’t your intention
to see me fall...
When it was you
who made me realize that i could fly...
And snatched my wings away... mid flight
Sal AK Aug 2023
I like my coffee black
My drinks strong
My stories tragic…
In the faintest hope
that life will be sweeter
Sal AK Aug 2023
To have loved and lost
To be lost in love
To have loved a lost soul
To be in love while lost,
such a tragedy
the beauty of love
Sal AK Aug 2023
i'm not the best at anything.
but with all my pains and aches
broken bones and scares left
I am the best there can be
in this body of mine,
with no effort or intervention divine
all I have to do is be
to be the best at being me...
Sal AK Apr 2023
I knew I was finally over you
After years of sorrow
When one day I saw you in another’s arm
With a glowing smile on your face…
And I heard my heart say
“I still LOVE her”
With a glowing smile on my face …
Sal AK Sep 2022
When the world pulls me apart
cracks open my wounded heart
I fall down a rabbit hole
Illusion of a wonderland

In this nightmare of mine
I saw this beautiful rose
In a field of ****** thorns

And in a moment’s bliss
as magical as our first kiss
I heard
the sound of your lovely voice
guiding me
back to your trusting hands

So let this rose
be my timeless oath…
with all my flaws
and all the pain
that love adorns,
I will love you forever
till my last breath goes …
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