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Sal AK 6d
To stay away from the bodies of other beings
To keep a safe distance
To deny the pleasure of touch,

As much to make it seem a new concept
We’ve been distancing long before the panic spread

To stay away from feeling other’s feelings
To keep a safe distance
To deny the vulnerability of connection,

Give credit where it’s due
To distance is the best we do.
Sal AK Feb 17
It’s not you I miss,
It’s the way your skin felt against mine
The way your voice soothed my anxieties
The way your kiss made me fall in love with time.

It’s not the fall I love,
It’s the beauty as the leaves become colorful
The way nature embraces change
The way letting go leads to new life.
Sal AK Feb 10
We have a strange relationship, the truth and I
She never speaks in my presence
I don’t dare look her in the eye,
We exist in each other’s reality
We feed of each other’s pain
I shame her with my being
Her loss becomes my gain.
Sal AK Jan 27
I run,
In every direction at once
I think,
Unholy thoughts without regret
I feel,
The shame of the world as my own
I laugh,
Unfazed by it all
I know,
Nothing is written in stone
Sal AK Jan 27
Who will you share your story with
Who are you saving it for
Who is written in your stars
Who will catch you when you fall

Who will be there when you need
Who will never make you wait
Who will love you more than time
Who will know you as their fate?
Sal AK Jan 24
I tried to write the truest sentence that I know about you
But my words could only be unkind,
To hide you from my darkest ink
Is to chose you over the truth
To leave unspoken words behind.

I will protect you deep inside my heart
For you have built a fortress that lasted the rough tides,
But if you stray out to face the unholy rhymes
I am powerless in these darkest of times.
Sal AK Jan 10
Your face looms as a shadow on my cloud
residues of you metastasized on my identity
to lose you completely
becomes to lose myself
a suicide of new kind, a modern tragedy.
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