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gracie Aug 19
Who taught us to be so
reckless? I never kiss and tell
but we’re exhaling secrets like stars
into the night air. He’s laughing at my stories and
I’m taking in the sight: sun-kissed skin and
messy brown hair, peach chapstick lips parting slightly
when I press them to mine. Spontaneous Bravery. I‘m
catching him blush then falling face-first for a
stranger, the silly boy from the bagel shop but
Does he really see me?
the bruises and lonely eyes, hands
grasping at his t-shirt when he says goodnight.
a desperate creature. He’s standing so close but
I’m begging to be closer, please

I don’t want to be alone.
E Townsend Feb 2016
Percentage of selfies on Instagram: 42
Estimated number of days until returning home to Seattle: 479
Portion of dreams that are actually nightmares from working at Mama’s Pizza: 2/3
Total value of Urban Outfitters clothes, accessories, decorations: $786.54
Likelihood of starting anything on Monday: 1/7
Decibels of hearing I've lost at birth: 62
In addition to 2.5 billion beats in a lifetime, when I see a sunset my heart roars: 1,000,000
Total years spent in hell (aka Texass): 16
Probability of rolling my eyes when I read a cliché: 1/1
Swipes of Chapstick per day: 53
Level of urgency to *** after holding it in a car outside of El Paso for two hours: 17/10
Accumulation of hearing aid batteries used in one year: 124
Time I stay awake to if I had coffee the afternoon before: 4 am
Projected cost of 10:23 pm Friday dinners of Peking’s daily special in one month: $40.33
Average number of minutes I spend angrily live tweeting about stupid Disney movies: 67/123
Date of which I made a promise that I'm still keeping, but she broke hers: January 2, 2010
My nonfiction class had an assignment where we had to model the Harper's Index with stats and facts about ourselves, and I really enjoyed this one
Alysia Michelle Jan 2015
tears ebb their way gently out of my eyes
and trace a pattern on my cheek
leading to my lips
filling every crack that chapstick couldn't fix
the salty taste it leaves
still doesn't rid me of this bad taste in my mouth
sadness never tasted sweet anyways
my lips are still chapped
so i'll brush my teeth and rinse my mouth
desperately trying to rid of this aftertaste
i put on chapstick because one day
i'll cry and at least the cracks in my lips
will be fixed

— The End —