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Sap Oct 13
I've imagined hundreds of scenarios
Where we meet each other again
And I'll imagine hundreds more
Once we see each other again
Missing my family
Sap Jul 17
You leave just as quickly as you arrived
Brief, beautiful and human
Just out of orbit
Sap Jun 27
You said "thank you"
I said "of course".
What I wanted to say was
"Anything for you"
Sap Mar 17
There are 3 main tenses
Past, present and future

Let's make sentences
"I have loved you"
"I love you"
"I shall love you"

You make me love you in all tenses
I create sentences and poems
Just for you
I will love you in all forms of the word
Sap Feb 14
Amongst the millions of galaxies maybe you and I were meant to be.

I don't write very often but you make me want to write thousands of poems just to describe what you do to me.

You make me the happiest in this moment, the ocean between us can't stop that.

When reality calls me back, I know you will hold me in your arms.

You are the moon to the sea, always pulling me towards you.

The universe wanted us to meet like this, conspiring for us again and again

I'd cross the ocean just to take your hand.
Based on BTS songs for the individual members
Sap Jan 25
I've never been to a concert before
But I imagine it feels like this
Chaotic, high energy and loud

Despite the distance, it's fun
The energy around you
Makes it so enjoyable

The drum of the music
The vibrations in the air
The addicting sounds
Makes you feel on top of the world

The type of feeling that says,
"I can die happy"
The clarity and serenity in this moment
Makes me feel calm watching you

I wish I could feel this way
After this is over
Maybe I can see you in person
Without this disconnect
Hoping that concerts resume after the pandemic is over. I still have my tickets and I'll be ****** before I let go of them
Sap Jan 20
The wind had been strong today
Maybe it’s a sign
That these last 4 years
Can be blown away

It’s rarely that easy
To create peace within chaos
Waking up from a nightmare
Doesn’t happen with tranquility

I don’t know where tomorrow will bring us
I don’t know what next week will give
All I know is that
You and I will be together along the way
Nervous about inauguration
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