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Adarsh Jaiswal May 2019
These Words
Me To See Everyone
To See The Truth - The Reality
Chantell Wild Feb 2019
it gnaws at me,
an alien in my belly tugging
at my insides turning me inside out..    
this palpable feeling of gravity
of my place on and in the earth,
sidestepping the grave
like a ballerina blindfolded
and dancing in the dark
Em MacKenzie Jan 2019
News headlines talk about
people attempting
“The Birdbox Challenge.”
When in all reality,
we are all stumbling through life

And the real irony here
is that,
people are too blind to realize
they are already blind.
Just a thought on the most recent, idiotic trend.
typing away at the writer;
like a machine gun
lock and loaded
and ready to fire
ink splattering
like blood and
words shot out
like the fusillade
of the ******
hands tied behind
my back and the
fold has blinded
my eyes with a
cigarette lit and
my senses of
prevails again
no last words
no last requests
just barrels of this
machine pointed
at my head and
my heart in all it’s
glory like a man
taking a **** and
it could be all taken
away by the trigger
just as quickly as
the turds flushing
down the river of
cowardice gunslingers
but if you
glint towards the
charlatan of brutes
like a dried up
white elk, then
you’ll know what
a poltroon

the mastery
of the world
are eager to know
how much they can
squeeze out of you
like blood from a
rock before
they stick a
skewer into your
vitals and roast the
ebullience off of
your pneuma like
a burnt kabob
and that’s why my
gutter fingers must
rip sheet after sheet
from this monkey box
like the slightly torn pages
from the loose hands
of madman, and it all
comes down en masse
like four walls meeting
in corners
like the miraculous cry
from the sadist
like 7 billion in existence
and which one am I?
the cat burglar,
the dream alchemist,
the televangelist,
the czar,
the grand master of underlying,
the time traveler,
the creator of happiness
or just another standing
in front of the execution
line for one last time
because we never know
how many seasons
we have left
until the end
Nylee Jan 2018
Sometimes I feel
we lead our life blindfolded
we have eyes, we can see
but we don't see
what is right in front.

Sometimes I feel
We turn deaf
to others views
to the problems and the screams
which are not ours.

Sometimes I feel
We should turn mute
at least for some time
and not comment too fast
on things we don't comprehend.

Sometimes I feel
I feel too much
thinking life revolves
around me
and it hurts
when I realise, it doesn't.

Sometimes I feel
and other times I don't
so quiet
Those time,
I feel something
that makes me feel absolutely nothing.
Mystic904 Oct 2017
Grand edifices, seem pretty nice
Hoarding up money, such a heist
Pockets full, everything to boast
All that luxury, all that toast

Curtains of wealth, over those eyes
Trapped in such a state of vice
Stockpiles of silver and gold
Deal, a sign, everything sold

Wealth in reality, zero a price
Counting em, this year x thrice
Pretending to be above n bold
The stiff heart you couldn't mould

Crawling over body, ants and lice
Scorpions too, it's nothing nice
Shivering with fear and cold
The pain, agony, all foretold

In the grave, horrendous mice
Game's over for the rolling dice
No one to tell, weren't you told
To that paper now grab a hold

May it be Burj khalifa, all those malls
The huge tall towers, everything falls
Sabotag shall suffer those proud walls
The vast stage, superior than all halls
Cné Aug 2017
blindfolded taste test
teasing my tongue sensually
erotically sweet
Just fantasizing
PaperclipPoems Sep 2016
What if you could read another person's thoughts
What if you could hear their mind
If you could see what they think...
You may be better off blind

Just a thought
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