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Ritz Writes Dec 2018
Hustle and Struggle;
The world may not know your pain
Chin up lil kid
The sweats on your brow won't go in vain.
Climbing the stairs of success bit by bit
Standing aloof in a crowd where I don't fit.
Sleepless night, exhaustion from the fights
Won't stop the chase
Till I become the best.
Never Back Down.
amuba Nov 2018
The dream is big
The tension huge
The stress high
But I have nothing to lose
Me and my goals, deeply fused

In my dream I believe
I will hustle until I see
By my very eyes happening in front of me

I do believe in talent
From the words of successful and wise
which goes
"Talent is Practice in disguise"
In any field in any combat

My dream is big
Nothing else I know
Nothing else but grind and grow
Hey family, hey friends, hey world
To no one I owe

I am done living your dreams
Fulfilling your expectations
Following your rules and regulations
Begging your acceptance and recognition
I am not your slave, no more manipulation

'coz in my dream I believe
I will hustle until I see
By my very eyes happening in front of me

as a side-note:
I have someone who is bigger than all
He is huge, wide and tall
He crush and he growl
He is everything but weak
He is me and he is 'the beast'
Lets dream big and live fully.
Justyn Huang Nov 2018
Still chasing a dream
on a whim of Belief
Destined for the journey
Facing me.
Chasing your dreams
Ant Oct 2018
Some people look at you and think you done been through some ****
Because they the ones who had it super easy
The ones who had to live that life
You green
So you really don’t know all of the game
You live yo life not knowing who really there for you
Ain’t something you chose to sweat
Your pride big
so in reality you don’t like to ask anyone for ****
You want a girl but not knowing if you really wanna trust her and ****
So you sit back and relax
And just don’t sweat the ****
You try to find a smart hustle
Because your body is tired of it
But you push it just to make it
Life is what you make it, hustle for your money and hope you make it
That’s what you think when yo dose of reality has hit
So what you going to do
Stand up or lay down?
You chose!!
Now that you’ve been sold, what thing
will bring you back to us?
Arches of waver-lust, departuregrams
inform those on the freeway lam
and send us crashing gates and exit maps
as transit days dump rain
and what we know we’re in for gets too big.

Hurry to racing pits,
a bit of shelter huddled under heatlamps
pecked with pigeon dust & and odd late chills
that cracked the April. Plucky in
the clothing bone, we shiver, bide,
relent from marking make-up time
on coldwire sheets

We fold
and put work in our purse all wrong.
Some smarmy song New Yorks us, whinging on
where rent wars rage. Code-shifting blocks
of solace to the kept while crushing
others under debt - a glacial chill,
a respite, magnet phones left smartless,
calling on our wits
to ride those twists
through money-makers’ gauntlet.

Out of harm’s way, donning gowns
and Never’s hand-me-downs from
Stalling Leisure, Merry Ways - cinch up
and see what stays, what juice
the cosmic strain can free
when anger walls re-tighten down
to shape, or ****, without a sound.
b e mccomb Aug 2018
my hands are covered
in scrapes and calluses
three week old blisters turned
gray with scabs and dirt

i paint my face on bravely
every morning and grind
the glitter into my skin
with a smile until i get home

and can let my cheeks begin
to droop and the hateful
thoughts i push down all day
begin to tumble out

i spend all day saying sorry
for things that aren’t my fault
and try to make
strangers laugh

and i work
and hustle
and sleep
and work

listen to the voices
tell me i’m not
hard enough

and sleep
and hustle
and work
and sleep

and keep myself fighting
for something
but i don’t know yet
what that something is

sometimes at the end of
another day when my
body melts into bed
the glitter washes off
with tears

and the fear
pins me down
so i grit my teeth
shut my eyes and sleep

then i get up
pour another
cup of coffee
and just
copyright 8/20/18 b. e. mccomb
Sabila Siddiqui Aug 2018
Oh my dear bumble bee
She said as she caressed
her soft honey colored hair.

Stay humble
through your flight so high.
Emerge with a special glee
Of bustling-buzzing excitement.

Let your golden stripped wings
Carry you to scope lands for enchantment.
To collect those dusty pollen
and transfigure them to honey
for you and others.

A honey comb of a heart
Resides in you my dear
So allow the honey to drip from your tongue.

And when science tries to prove
With their theories and mathematical proportions
that you can not fly high
Let them taste the sweetness
Of your hustle
and the sight of your flight.
Gangsters got few friends and more fiends.

Such is the nature of life.

It's rare for a gangster to find someone to confide in.

In the streets, no place for confidence.

Not a trace of the rare innocence.

''Innocence is nonsense, in the streets''

Alliances forged on territorial expedience.

Trust will give you a deadly experience

I survived one madly in all my existence

Only vagabonds and tyrants not saints

Make it here

You watch my back

I watch yours

Till comes time to shoot you in the back

Talk about family....

Your family is the one who takes the bullet for you.

Either dead or wounded alive trust such.

Owe nothing to none and walk without fear.

No justice from the police

Just another authorized gang of enemies

Who don't hesitate to shoot.

So we shoot before they do.

Get caught, if you lucky in prison you will rot.

If not, they will give the electric chair

Life is only fair

Only serves you what you deserve

Pull the trigger first or face the grim ripper first

Death is an invited guest

It's what we use to live

What we all shall use to leave

Live by the bullet

'Shall die by the bullet

Just staying alive today

Only to die someday

My life feeds on blood

My tears are wiped by death

My fears are calmed by death

At the end it will be my death

I won't miss the earth

But I will miss the streets

Guns and ammunition

My way of retribution

In the face of intimidation

Those who intrude can end up dead

In case you didn't know

We ain't rude just avoiding the death bed

It's an insatiable thirst for power

Will do anything to quench it.

If you shoot a man

Make sure he is dead

Or he will return

Saying he rose from the dead

Shoot him in the head

Between the eyes.

To seal his fate

Avoid the deadly surprise.

To be cont'd...
An old poem of mine. Thought I should share it here.
Karl Tomkins Apr 2018
She dances easy and slow, you’re transfixed by her movement.
That painted faced fallen angel with the intoxicating perfume.
Will start hammers pounding in your skull
She’ll sell you the lies you want to hear
For a while you’ll be the only man she’s ever known.
You’ll fall for the name that was never hers.
She’ll take advantage of the pain while making it dissipate.
She’s not a dream, she’s not an angel or the devil.
She’s just a woman making her way in this world.
With what the world gave her.
Everyone has to make there way in this world in whatever way we can. Sometimes the people we look down on we should be looking upto
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