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K Balachandran Apr 2017
sound of horn heralds-
bedecked bull ambles along,
a world gone, returns!
On a Bangalore street,the silicon valley of India,a bedecked bull
and the lady, his keeper, still has a place....he isn't just any ordinary bull..
a venerable presence...contemporary face of long tradition of treating animal sand birds with veneration..the lady is handsomely compensated for keeping the tradition alive and showing up at auspicious occasions..
Äŧül Sep 2016
You tell me another story.
But I gathered some facts.
Lame excuses' it's a lowry,
I'm so fed up of your acts.
Getting the tinnitus because I'm lovelorn,
So tired of locking yours with my horn,
Are you dead tired of fighting too?

Did you not know this already too?
Gaining what out of the fight you are,
Only we can be the best possible friends.
Come descend back home,
A helpless heart awaits you,
Another ceasefire beckons,
Come let's bury the hatchet.
HP Poem #1159
©Atul Kaushal
Ryan Carney Mar 2016
From the distance upon a mountain top
A horn bellows its sharp tune
For all to hear and all to stop
On a simple Tuesday afternoon.

Once more the horn makes its sound
It is as though it wants all to hear
If this fine tuned noise should go ignored,
The price to pay is feared.
written 3-7-16
aniket nikhade Jul 2015
Always believe in your dreams
If not always, then at least for once in a while
Believe in your dreams

Always make a conscious effort and start believing in what you dream
If not for a long period of time, then at least for a fraction of second
Do believe in what you dream
Believe in your dreams.

If not quite often, then at least for once in a while, dreams do come true
Also it happens that we do come across someone for whom dreams have come true
So always, do believe in what you dream
Believe in your dreams.

Be confident of yourself in all the work that you do, believe in yourself
Be yourself so as to believe in the work that you do.
Always work with keen intent and interest
Horn your skills and develop them
Better to do the same old, routine thing in another way once the skills are developed.
Live in the present, but confident about future
Like you are confident about what you dream
Believe in your dreams.

Live in the present
Believe in the future, if not ascertain the same
Love life and live life as you like
Never give up in life, but still always remember
Believe in your dreams.

Let the mistakes of the past remain in past
Live in your present, which is obviously much more certain than anything else in the world

Like for many of us , who never forget to dream
In the same way for all of us there is something to remember
Never give up in life
Nobody knows when luck will turn back and smile
So even when you continue to dream
Do believe in your dreams
All which you have dreamt of in the past
Believe in your dreams.

Believe in yourself
Never believe in what the rest of the world says
Like it is always said never believe in what others say
Even if and even when you listen to what others say always be sure and confident of what you have got in your mind.
There are no two ways about it
Either your win the game or you lose
Either this is true or it's false
Good, better, best
Always give your best

Believe in the fact that things will get better
If not today, then definitely in the future
Believe in yourself, be confident about yourself.

Believe in your dreams
Dreams do come true
So always believe in your dreams.

Dreams make us believe something
Dreams make us believe
All the life that we live can be different
Much different from what we live on a day to day basis
Dreams do make our lives interesting in many ways.
So believe in your dreams.

We live each and every moment of our life
We do what we are supposed to do
Like we always believe in what we do.
Believe in yourself
For your belief is different from what you believe
Believe in your dreams.

Dreams do come true
If not often, then at least for once in a while
So do believe in your dreams
Nobody knows when dreams will come true
So always believe in your dreams.
Hunter K Apr 2015
I'm a little unicorn,
Short and cute.
Here in my magic horn,
And here is my hoof.

I like to drink my chocolate milk,
And chew on silk.
I **** evil wizards,
And chase the lizards.
Because I'm magic,
Isn't my story tragic?

I was left behind from the ark,
And almost killed by a shark,
(My evil nemesis)
Until I met the pegasus,
And flew back to modern day life,
Only to see my cousins killed with knives,
Oh what a world it is!
How long was I gone?
Can I forgive?
I got bored.
Drifter Apr 2015
I stand here on a street corner,
daisy dukes and fish nets,
my favorite Metallica crop top
floating up on moonlit skin.

Monster truck inching close,
breath pacing through the city streets,
I walk to the edge of his dark lair
to bite any hesitation.
With curt words and close heads
I smell the whiskey in his breathe.
Pulling into the alley's grip,
I let him lead and grit my teeth.

"Shhhh, I won't get busted again."
the whiskey whispers against my ear,
"Don't make a peep."
Then I'm not sure if it's man or whiskey
who turns me around in callused hands.
He spits first,
entering with a grunt,
and my hands slide down the window with each ******.

5 minutes.
I horn honks in the distance, long and mad,
as whiskey man unloads on my back,
along with his long, satisfied growl.
That's it, with a reluctant 20 bucks,
and I'm back biting the wind.
Alan S Bailey Feb 2015
Jesus was the Unicorn, they said he had a horn,
First born, supposedly the make of purity, somehow
Said to be better than the Devil. The "only true God..."

Seems to me to be absurdity.

But some say this is a MYTH, "his truth" is "brought to life,"
Even if there is more to life than what the non-Christians say,
I know for sure that this Unicorn horn is just another silly lie.

Why can't people understand the sad sad truth, this religion
Is clearly the work of cults who try to mislead our youth!
No one walked on top of water, no ****** ever gave birth,
This "unicorn Jesus" fairy tale is clearly not possible truth.

If some stranger proves me wrong I guess they have made it clear
That magical sprites fairies and dragons are also known to appear.
Frank Ruland Nov 2014
"Hello? Look, I know his grip is strong, but be
Altruistic in the things you do and show me
Life hasn't changed who you are at heart.
Open your eyes, Frank. I know you're scarred
So deeply, but you can't let it tear you apart!"

At times I feel myself lost among the voices.
Nearly deaf, I'm just trying to feel my way through
Darkness and uncertainty, but there's no reprieve...

"Hey, you better not be getting soft on me!
Open your mind, and set yourself free!
Really, where has living so pretentiously gotten you?
Next, you'll wind up six feet down as your soul's skewered!
Stop being so kind-- I mean blind, or you'll get *******."

— The End —