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Sandy Mar 18
This passing night as cold
Of a generation of smiles
This went to stars
The stars were a piece of broken vase
The kingdom of stone was on a rise,
Then the worker of mad came to fight,
The ruler of rule went to seek the man,
The man said no great will stand

This now anger god, which he will repay,
The price of his death will not still pay
The anger eyes of rose were always red
When the sleepy man sleeps
He wakes up in dread.
Sandy Apr 2023
To the far reaching sighs
As the world grew on me
As the beautiful lies
As the heaven's grace

It's the distant seas call
As if the waves meant
Though the man sad tears
As the grave fell near
These words as they were brought to me
The secret of gaze

As her eyes fade
In the night call shade
There rose a man,
Grief had failed
Sandy Mar 2023
The sunshine of eternal beings,
You are bathe in starlight
You accepted your own self
Gritty hell-like

As the roses fade in your gut
The butterflies fly
Where were you when the feelings arose
As the wine tastes bitter to the tongue
not tasting it

As the dust were also gases
At one point of time
You my muse i hold dear
With my life
Sandy Dec 2022
Just like the afterjoy of tears
Your name i never wanted
To tatted on my skin
As the things which are meant to be broken , replaced
Don't need remembrance

I love you as a thought
Scattered inside of me
These words won't even say
The desire i felt, these nights
Just like a flower you will also die
Inside of me
And I won't be bothered
Sandy Nov 2022
And I write this to the
Memories we have never made
To the heaps of grass i wish i surrendered to
To the hearts i convinced I'm good and fine
To the people i have never confronted to tell my love
To the hair of hers stuck that was in my head
To the madness that has swirled me in
To the fire that has once again reignited

I tell you a oath i made with god
The supreme to tell you the beauty
The heart broken lover that has read this line
This may be at last be my piece
As you and I could never be
Sandy Oct 2022
In those acidtones and twisted bones
It's only the merry
That's keeping me alive

In centuries past time
Won't come that will purify me
Her soul as it's crystal shine
Off like moon light
As she awaits for a one
Passing straight by
Sandy Oct 2022
As the time passes
It becomes more apparent
That you meant what you said
Distant sea songs plays
As the sun falls

As the time passes
Glare of sudden blue skies
Or stare of a rare stranger
As the sea song plays
Time stops once again
Just to reminisce the times
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