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it's my job.
to make it in life
it's my job.
to turn your wrongs into rights,
it's my job,
and I will shoulder your dishonor,
because I am your daughter.
Like a sheep bred for slaughter,
I will always be your daughter.
Allesha Eman Jan 11
Chase after moments and collect them like I collect the stars in your eyes.

Dance with the moonlight when you’re feeling ok, and I’ll watch your smile as I find mine.

Tell me your sorrows and rain down your greys. I’ll water the garden that you planted in my heart.

Kiss my forehead and watch me as your lips move to pray, I’ll keep your hands within mine.

Don’t just be my mother, be my moon and my sky, and I’ll dream of the night time.
Ken Voltaire Jan 6
If your eyes are oceans,
Then my eyes are ships,
Sailing through turbulent seas.
My sails know where to guide me,
A light shines through even the darkest of times,
A light that you illuminated,
The moment you touched my hand.
Dita Jan 5
Her freedom had been taken from her
All her life,
  her freedom had been taken from her
     The stillness of the forest
     The steady run of the stream
     The aroma of the red flower-
Remarkable because they are free.
  Sensations that cannot be replicated,
  they have become their own peace
     A forest does not stir
     As a stream does not slow
     As a red flower does not hide-
               for any distraction
Remarkable because they are free.
  Should memories continue to brush
  past her like wind striking through a
  she won't chase them any longer
Freedom rests its energy beside courage,
she finds courage within.
myrrh Dec 2018
As you settle, as you lay sempiternally,
Your love shall endure eternally;
Unconditionally & absolute
Now that the winds have scattered
& the earth is tattered,
Your sun-like radiance remains

Guidance like a star
Your knowledge has no par
Such wisdom has no parallel
Care with such sincerity
Focused on others well-being
With your own being subsidiarity
Viola Morrison: 12th Of March 1945 - 1st Of December 2018
I love you dearly Nana

Your little soldier
Rizna M Rameez Dec 2018
As for whether you are a 'Good' person
It matters not
What you have done
As long as you are 'Trying'
Memories. We are all trying. All working. And as long as we do, the past does not matter.
Justyn Huang Dec 2018
I miss you
Myself, recurring
flapping through petals
of time

Rejecting the one by
My parents

Embracing, accepting
the One True Self
born into Mine.
Steve Page Dec 2018
I tell ya.
are not as much of a flight risk
as you first may think.
The cherubim however
are flighty
and way more likely to fly off
at the baby's first cry
Like they've got somewhere else to be.
Just try. You'll see.
Not even a bye-bye.

But angels, oh man.
Angels -
I'm a fan.

You can set your Sat Nav
on an Angel.
Dreamtime or lunchtime,
they'll be your guide.
- Sublime.

Me and Mary
were fans.

- Jesus!
Put those nails down.
If your mum catches you with those, she'll go spare.
Joseph got used to Angel visitations.
Rizna M Rameez Oct 2018
Don't think you can make your own way
Without any guidance
That's why Allah appointed
Two teachers
For everyone of us.
On teachers’ day, a mention to the biggest teachers of our lives.
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