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Ana Roe Oct 26
I said to Cassandra,
"If you are a prophet,
tell me of my future."
She told me,
"You would not believe."
Cassandra was a figure in ancient Greek mythology. She was a prophet that was cursed to utter true prophecies that no one would believe.
Bragi Oct 26
I was so in love
With what we had made
That any sense of sufferance
Of punishment
For my actions
Became an utterance, stayed.
Lost in my satisfaction that
I had given you something far lighter;
I was so in love,
Stolen, a divine fire,
Like Prometheus.
Lyn-Purcell Oct 26
With a shimmering corona of the dark coiling fog,
she glides through the shadows
with haunting songs,
sad but sweet.
Haven't done one of these in ages!
I was always fascinated with the goddess Nyx. There's just something about her.
Lyn ***
Em Oct 23
Though one may have noble intentions
One will always have a darker side.

Greed and longing
Are the most common forms of masochism.
And when one has what they want,
One will lose everything else.

The Midas Touch
Gave a man the ability
To satisfy his soul
And to destroy his life.
i read the greek story today
made me think uwu
rising out of the sea like sunshine
brilliant blue feathers
airfoils lifting you
your energy stabilizing
holographic universe
with black holes abound
******* up your endless brilliance
they’re no match
eventually you turn them
inside out
just patient galaxies
waiting to unfold
they need you
for your light
vicissitude of seasons
hearts gravitate to you
force of attraction
terrestrial bodies are know for
special reflection
souls need to find their way
kind gentle compassionate pulling


my very existence


without you
I wrote this  today to go with a closeup of a painting I posted ig @sadtra415
You-will-not-lie, -bed-chambers-long,
For I, -am-coming-to-get, YOU!
Clawed-through-the-dirt, -up-the-roots,
I am here, -come-to-get, YOU!
Followed-tree-roots, -that-sweet-smelling-Earth!
Here now! -It's time-to-forget-YOUTH.

Aha Ha Ha Ha,  -The Goblins Attack!!

Drag-you-away, I have got, YOU!
Hungry-I, watering-mouth-glistening-eyes!
Bundle-of-joy, I have got, YOU!
Look-at-you-now, my-sweet-tasty-meat-PIE!

Aha Ha Ha Ha,  -The Goblins Attack!!

Addendum: The name appears to be an amalgamation etymologically of roots from Greek, Sanskrit and Sumerian. If, of course, you choose to translate it that way. I assume Plato to be an authority on the Ancient Greek's tendency to combine the words of multiple mythologies sharing similar characters linguistically. The purpose of the hyphenation is to suggest the tempo and speed of the rhyme's cadence.

'The Demon's of Earth'
Kalikantzaroi came up through the earth from **** climbing the Tree of Life's roots escaping for only three days and nights once each year when the Sun appeared to descend in the same place for said time. That period was Christmas and the children who were bad had a choice; leave a present(gifts) on their doorstep or be pulled down by the Goblins.
It is a Greek fairy tale.

The speed of the rhyme is as fast as you can say it with loud pauses for the Halloween stop phrase. It is a metered rhyme.
Whether you refer yourself as the Spiral Galaxy Messier 31,
Or the Greek Mythology daughter of an Aethiopian King,
I can be the Stars to your Galaxy.
I can be the Perseus that saves you from Death.
I can be your best friend.
But I understand that Trust comes a long way,
Just lemme know when you trust me enough,
And maybe we can create something the world has never seen before.
For Andromeda
Daisy Sep 27
The Greeks say that when the King of the Dead
Laid his eyes on Persephone for the first time,
He was struck by her innocence,
Her simple beauty as she tended to flowers.

He lured her in with an enchanted daffodil,
And when she drifted towards the small petals,
The earth opened its **** mouth,
Swallowing the child upon Hades orders.  

She may have been the first,
But there’s no such thing as a last.

Girls have grown up seeing the look in men's eyes,
When they realize how
How his heart softens when he sees her.
As though her innocence
Could cure him of his sickness.

As if breathing her bubble gum air
Will somehow make his life pop.
The ends of her bows tying knots
Helping him keep his **** together,

She becomes a savior
Before old enough to become a woman

He wears her like a bruise,
Privately poking as to see the shift in hues,
But in public who would have known.
They also say that her mother, Demeter, went mad
When she couldn’t find her daughter.
And even more so when she did find where she was.  

The Goddess of Agriculture killing the crops she planted,
Starving the people she created,
Raising **** up in the heavens.
Her anger was said to scare Zeus himself.

So when you,
As a man in your friends passenger seat,
Decide to open the earth,
And allow it to swallow somebody’s child whole,
How mad do you think her mother would be?
**** it, how mad would YOUR mother be?

I wonder if you have a sister,
And if you heard the way strangers speak to her on the street,
Would you still be laughing?
I wonder if you can smile more.
I wonder where you’re headed looking like that.
I wonder who mislead you.
Who taught you that this is what means to be man.
Who forced the human out of you.
Mother Nature was willing to destroy the world due to one monster who felt entitled.
What makes you think she’ll spare you?

I wish we could go back to that field,
Back to when Persephone was chasing her friends,
Before the flowers wilted from her disappearance.
Before the six pomegranate seeds that bound her to the underworld every six months.

I at least wish we could tell her that
One day, she’ll grow up.
She’ll move as far away from the past as she can get.
She will bloom,
And smile again.
Her roots stronger from the wind.
And Spring will fill the air as she passes by.
And he,
Will spend all of eternity burning in the fire she sparked.
OpenWorldView Sep 25
You took my hope
to find the right path.

You tormented me
denied me a look at life
to entertain Thanatos.

**** you and your gods
who feed on misery.

You took my life
even before I woke.
faa Sep 23
with the clock ticking restlessly
as my heart fondly wishes
to rest my palms against your dips
the valleys your waist had created
full of mountainous curves
the arch of your back carving hills
there's no denying that your rivers
so onyx, bringing Styx to shame
cascading down your mid-back
each strand flowing so elegantly
my hands desiring to feel its silky texture
and to finally let our fingers intertwine
the twigs growing on our trees
now blooming iridescent florae
the mundane in you never existed
for the emerald in your irises
flusters butterflies as they flutter
their wings carrying them curiously
to view your angelic ethereality
which was, not so ethereal;
but more grounded, rather earthly
it is unfair to profess you as my angel
as you represented mother nature
you are my Paradise Lost
for Gaea trembles at your divinity
my Earthly Venus, you have captured me
under your trace of beauty
i'm forever under her spell
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