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In his head
A small factory
Packages of wisdom
With unprecedented brilliance
The observers
The processors
The creators
All contributing
To a brand new theory
The packages
Won’t be sent
The fear
Of incompleteness
Interfering with development

Oh logician
If the world could only
Your passion
Your creativity
Your theories
Would dominate the world
To all the logicians and their genius theories
It’s those goosebumps
From your sweet and soft kisses
In my neck
Which make
Every cell of my body
Feel so alive
He planted seeds in my heart
He gave them plenty of love and attention
After a few weeks
The seeds grew
Into beautiful flowers
Yet today
These flowers
Still make my heart bloom
They woke up in another world
Feeling like they were in a daze
Everything around them
Moving a little slower
Their veins dilated
Making their blood flowing quietly
Their muscles light as feathers
Making them wanna float
Their conversations about everything
Yet nothing
Their laughter echoing across the water
The heat of the fire tickling their skin
They were high
On love
An experience
They never ever wanted to end
Their first joint together

— The End —