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Zack Ripley Oct 2019
The winds of change are coming soon.
You can already see them starting to affect the moon.
The winds of change make the days shorter and nights colder.
Not that that's a bad thing.
It can make people want to be closer than shoulder to shoulder.
To the trees, the winds of change are like school bus drivers.
the breeze carries their leaves away, drops them safely on the ground, then returns them bright and new when spring rolls back around.
Change can be scary. But not all change is bad.
Just think of the pumpkins and cider and good times to be had.
Stillness. Interrupted
by the howl of the wind,
unseen, now hear, then feel.

Apathy. Disrupted
by piercing of my skin
like blades of sharpened steel.

Existence. Corrupted
by the wind’s chill within,
shattering the ideal.

Emotions. Erupted
from the internal din
of feelings to reveal.

Stillness. Interrupted
by baring to the wind
what I could not conceal.
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Robin Oct 2018
Through all this,
We must have hope.

Through all the pain and torture,
Physical and emotional.
Through all the hatred and horror,
In person and on social media.
Whether face to face, or non-verbal,
We stand strong.
We stand together.
Through trials and triumphs,
We come out together.
Hand in hand we march and sing.
Hand in hand we'll make a change.
Already, I can feel the winds shifting.

Through all this,
We still have hope.
Dedicated to a girl in my class.
Pauline Morris Apr 2016
I sit with my face to the sun trying to catch it's warmth
But the winds quickly snatches that away
I'm quite content right here
Under the baby blue sky
Sitting in a sea of yellow flowers
They almost glow reflecting the joy of the day
But nothing breaks the chilly winds of change
The flowers scream to the sky
As the Sun's rays reach down
Like a mother for a child
The wind drags in the clouds
To blind each other's view
Mother Nature starts to cry
The flowers bowed thier heads
The sun just hides her face
For everything knew the winds of Chang where neigh
Pauline Morris Feb 2016
Did you know
That in the snow
Despite the glow

Our fears
Are still there
Still holding us near

Did you know
In the snow
The fear still grows

Even when it's covered
Under beautiful snow smothered
Just beneath the surface can be discovered

Did you know
In the snow
The winds of change still blow

You can try to foget
It will still make you sweat
It will still make you pay that debt

Did you know
In the snow
The fear will still make your blood run cold

— The End —