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Kay Mar 15
There are fireworks
Left in the wake of your touch

My stomach turning
Waiting for the explosion
To fill the void in my eardrums
Light up my eyes
And make my whole body tremble

But never prepared
For the dull quiet that follows
As the ash from the fireworks
Comes tumbling down
And all that’s left in the sky
Are streaks from what once was
And the quiet returns between us
That hangs as heavy as the pollution
We let poison our air

But it isn’t hurting us today
So keep the fireworks coming
Because I need a distraction
To take over my senses
Kay Mar 5
Let's take a walk through the gardens of my mind
Through the old iron gate covered in vines
The smell of magnolias carried by the wind
Will guide you through to the very end

Past tulips in every color you can imagine
And fields upon fields of never ending jasmine
Where butterflies dance from flower to flower
And the sun is shining at every hour

Most halt here to soak up the sun’s embrace
Grass tickles their toes and rose fills their nose
It’s enough to put a smile on anyone’s face
So they all stop here and give up on the chase

But if your restless soul dares you to explore
And you think the paved trail is a bit of a bore
Then head in the direction where the eagles soar
High above the flames of a beautiful, chaotic war

To a place where it always seems to be night
The ash in the sky blocking out the sun’s light
From the fire that consumes everything in sight
No matter what rain I cry, it always blazes bright

A fire that I am constantly trying to suppress
But the harder I try, the bigger it gets
I don’t want you to be suffocated by my stress
But this is something I’m overdue to confess

Consider this a warning before you venture inside
There is more to me than what meets the eye
So many things I have tried to hide
Like the fire that burns under the rain I’ve cried
Kay Mar 4
The spark from your touch
Was enough to ignite
My dusty old heart
To finally shine bright

But I was afraid
Of the heat inside
When you asked my legs
To spread open wide

I was always told
Never to play with fire
So I pushed you away
And ignored my desire

Now I’m left with nothing
But this empty bed
Your scent on my pillow
And words left unsaid
Kay Feb 11
You thought you were the anchor
To hold my restless soul down
You wanted to be a dependable friend
When there was no one else around

You watched me float aimlessly
Through the ocean for far too long
But though you tried your hardest
As an anchor you weren’t strong

Soon the first storm rolled in
Bringing waves that just wouldn’t relent
They pushed me through the sea
And I pulled you with me as I went

I bravely fought the storm
While you were dragged along the floor
Of the calm and peaceful ocean
Realizing you couldn’t do this anymore

Although this all started with
Good intentions and a big heart
You knew for me to flourish
We had to be apart

What our future together looks like
Is something we’ll never know
Because after the storm passed
You cut your rope and let me go
Kay Jan 28
If eyes are the window to the soul
It's no wonder why mine are blue
Kay Jan 23
Behind every laugh
A monster
Patiently waits
To crawl his way out
Between the folds
Of my grin
To whisper
Tempting words
“Pick up that knife”
            “Commit another sin”
Reminding me
Of the dark places
I have been

A part of me
I cannot escape
He’s always ready
For an encore
But he doesn’t know
I have found things
In life to adore
Passion to distract
From the ongoing war
To show him
That he isn’t holding
The reins of my life

The spot he hides
Whenever I smile
Will become his home
This time for more
Than just a little while
Kay Jan 22
You wanted my heart
Served medium rare
Emulating a love
To make everyone stare

You didn’t waste time
And you dove right in
Consuming all I had
Between your apathetic grin

But you weren’t prepared
For the blood and the mess
You wiped your hands of me
Like you couldn’t care less

After you were done
I was left with no life
Because I cut out my heart
With your sharpened steak knife
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