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Kay Jul 12
Did you come from the tip of lightning
As it struck the earth
****** into an uncertain world
A cruel and forceful birth

Or did you ride in on a gust of wind
Hopping off at the first place
You heard the ocean's song
And felt the sun’s embrace

Because you’re like the eye of the storm
Destructive, yet gentle
I’ve never seen two opposites
Act so complemental

You always wear a smile on your face
But keep mischief tucked in your heart
And I’m too curious to stay away
But I would if I was smart
Kay Jul 10
When a quiet woman decides
That she has a thought to share
The whole world stops to listen
For this moment is quite rare

Even the mountains bend down
To hear this rare voice speak
Because If you understand the words
You will hear she is anything but meek

The longer her voice is not heard
The more time her thoughts have to form
Making the words that pour out of her mouth
Like thunder in a storm

And if you did not see the lightning
That has long been lighting up her sky
Her words will leave you shocked
With your mouth open and tongue dry
Kay Apr 12
Laying on your back
Tracing the stars with your finger
Is a reward only to those
Who dwell where filth does not linger

So if you want a glance
At the stars twinkling in my mind
But pollute the air between us
You will forever be left blind

If you send nothing to me
But your passive anger and subtle lies
My eyes will never show you anything
But darkness and empty skies

It is only in comfortable silence
Or words spoken, sincere and kind
That you will ever enjoy
Chasing the constellations of my mind
Kay Oct 2019
Don't let a boy
Who has fooled everyone
Including himself
Into thinking he's a man

Lead you
To fool you yourself
Into thinking you're anyone
Other than a soft hearted warrior
Whose smile has a radiance that outshines the sun
And eyes have a glow than could rival the moon
Kay Oct 2019
My therapist told me
Exercise would make me happy
So why are there tears in my eyes
As I run away from my problems
Kay Mar 2019
There are fireworks
Left in the wake of your touch

My stomach turning
Waiting for the explosion
To fill the void in my eardrums
Light up my eyes
And make my whole body tremble

But never prepared
For the dull quiet that follows
As the ash from the fireworks
Comes tumbling down
And all that’s left in the sky
Are streaks from what once was
And the quiet returns between us
That hangs as heavy as the pollution
We let poison our air

But it isn’t hurting us today
So keep the fireworks coming
Because I need a distraction
To take over my senses
Kay Mar 2019
Let's take a walk through the gardens of my mind
Through the old iron gate covered in vines
The smell of magnolias carried by the wind
Will guide you through to the very end

Past tulips in every color you can imagine
And fields upon fields of never ending jasmine
Where butterflies dance from flower to flower
And the sun is shining at every hour

Most halt here to soak up the sun’s embrace
Grass tickles their toes and rose fills their nose
It’s enough to put a smile on anyone’s face
So they all stop here and give up on the chase

But if your restless soul dares you to explore
And you think the paved trail is a bit of a bore
Then head in the direction where the eagles soar
High above the flames of a beautiful, chaotic war

To a place where it always seems to be night
The ash in the sky blocking out the sun’s light
From the fire that consumes everything in sight
No matter what rain I cry, it always blazes bright

A fire that I am constantly trying to suppress
But the harder I try, the bigger it gets
I don’t want you to be suffocated by my stress
But this is something I’m overdue to confess

Consider this a warning before you venture inside
There is more to me than what meets the eye
So many things I have tried to hide
Like the fire that burns under the rain I’ve cried
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