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Kay May 17
If space is what you need
I’ll build you a rocketship
Right in my backyard
And we can fly to the moon
And dance under the stars

If time is what you need
I’ll buy you a grandfather clock
Eat meals at the table next to it
And kiss you every time it rings

If distance is what you need
I’ll buy us matching running shoes
And we can run until your heart feels
Like a firework on the Fourth of July
Because my heart always feels that way
When you’re with me

But if you need space from me

If you want less time with me

If you crave distance between us

Then I’ll ride my rocket to the moon
And wait until my grandfather clock
Says you’re ready to be with me
Then I’ll run back to you

Because if people wait a lifetime for heaven
Then I can wait a part of mine for you
Kay Feb 24
Bumping into you
Sounds like the best catastrophe
That could happen to me
So my heart and pace quicken
As I run through the grocery store
Hoping you don’t shop on Sundays
Kay Feb 22
You’re in the operating room
Bleeding out your problems and insecurities
Flatlining with your depression
And I’m waiting right outside
Crying and screaming with frustration
Of just how powerless I am

But I’m not powerless because I’m not a surgeon
I’ve sutured myself up hundreds of times
And even revived myself a few
I’m powerless because you won’t let me in

One deadbolt still standing between us
I drop my medical bag to the floor
Kay Feb 15
It's slowly driving me mad
Listening to the playlists you made
Of other people singing
What you never had the courage to say
Kay Feb 12
Small disappointments
Tucked away in the file cabinets in my head
In the library of my memories
Right next to the self help section
With a book titled
       Why you should never trust a man
It’s a best seller in the society that lives in my head
I wish I listened to them more
Kay Dec 2020
Eyes that welcome to your sprawling mind
Words that travel gentle as the wind
Soft yet steady, you grew with time
There truly was no wall you could not climb

Still I hoped telling you of my shadow
Wouldn’t be too much to bestow
After trying, but lacking the words to say
I knew there had to be another way

Already claiming your lips with lust
I hoped you were someone I could trust
So I bore my truth into you with my eyes
And prayed you wouldn’t be my demise
Kay Dec 2020
Follow me
You said
Over the sound of crickets
That would soon be covering
The padding of our footfalls

And drown out
The noises
Of two souls pressed together
By the edge of a hammock

Let the moonlight tuck us in
And the wind rock you in my arms

Don’t worry
Nobody can hear
That’s why we’re out
Where the crickets outnumber people
And only the moon will see
How I light up your face
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