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Veronica John Jul 2020
Enslaved , enclosed she prays each day
Awaiting her prince , who'll whisk her away

But the world has run out of knights in shining armours
Out of glitter , out of glory , out of glamour

Her battles cannot be prayed away
Gone are the days she could hideaway

So she will have to fight her own fight
Come what may , walk through the darkest night

For in a world , where her voice is invalidated
She writes her own story ..a prince is no longer awaited
Veronica John Jul 2020
Do not send me flowers until I'm dead
You need not pretend you ever cared
Save those tears for another time
Life will not go per your design

How long will you keep tearing my wings
How will you pay the price of your sins
To k*ll someone with just your words
To cage me in , under the sword

It's easy to lock me behind the door
And wipe the blood you spilled on the floor
But Even if I die a thousand deaths
I won't be a victim of your threats

No more being your slave
I'd rather lie in a grave
I'll stich my wings and fly away
You can no longer turn my blue skies to grey
I'll fight back ...I can and I will
Watch me
Veronica John Jul 2020
Gazing at the stars
I look at my fading  scars
The unseen hurt  , The  unheard  cry
I wish the pain inside  would die

I go through this once more
Will there ever be a door
Which would take me far away
To an unknown gateway

But the blade is my friend
When I reach dead ends
He hears me scream ....hears me moan
A smirk on his lips appear as I groan

My face has turned pale fingers blue
He says my untimely death is now due
I look around , but darkness is all i see
In this cold hour a  warm hand is all I need
This poem is for the ones who tears were never wiped ...their cry which was never heard .....I hope they find their solace ....just like I found mine 💕
Veronica John Jul 2020
The demons inside are born ,
Out of hate and scorn .
They guide you to the wrong turn ,
So that in hell you may burn .
I  see my dreams falling ,
I hear them calling
From the cracks Between my heart
They have devoured my soul part by part
From dusk till dawn the pain lasts
They haunt my  present , future and past
So I beg you , don't let them peek
Broken hearts and empty souls they tend to seek .
But I cannot fight ,
Another night
It's time i stone for my sins
This fight the demons win
The demon chains me down with chains that cannot be broken .
Veronica John Jul 2020
I lived my life
Now there's no breath left
Will I be abe to survive ..
Before I approach death

I lived my life
Adventurous, not a day went sober
Now I'm out for an unending drive
With death , a cold hearted robber

I lived my life
No regret , no sorrow
Death accepts no bribe
Or few hours I would borrow

I lived my life
Not knowing what comes next
Death gave me nothing but strife
Now the  soul of mine longs for rest

I lived my life
With much wrist slits and  hate
I wish I had never held the  knife
Someone get me out of this crate

I lived my life
Unfolding it's ruthless torture
Death is no paradise
It's nothing but mere  horror

— The End —